Global Warming Is Far from a Hoax

With the climate change conference occurring in South Africa, I am reminded that we as a country need to get our act together and join the rest of the world – global warming is not a hoax. While The President has taken some baby steps, we are still dealing with one of our political parties denying its existence. As the rest of the world knows, the science is overwhelming and not only is global warming occurring, the impact over the last ten years is worse than expected in the models.

Recently, Professor Richard Muller of Cal-Berkeley, who had been a major skeptic, completed his analysis and reversed his position. What is interesting is the study was largely funded by the Koch Foundation, a major contributor to the Tea Party. He actually was invited to testify in front of a Congressional Committee by a Republican and surprised all with his change of opinion. Yet, this news is still lost on members of the GOP.

The naysayers still cite the emails from scientists who were zealous in the efforts to convince others that this is a problem. What is interesting to me is the misinformation campaign used by President Obama’s predecessor who placed a former petroleum lobbyist as his White House Council on the Environment. It is reported that scientific papers were edited and any reference to “global warming” was expunged. If that is not scary enough, just last month it was reported in Texas, that a scientific paper on why Galveston is being slowly consumed by the gulf waters also expunged the same term so as not to offend the Governor who happens to be running for President. And, if that is not sufficient, the US Department of Fisheries has been tracking the impact of global warming on fish populations for many years.

So, when you hear a candidate espouse that global warming is a hoax or that we should do away with the EPA, please tell them to get with the program and join the rest of the planet before it is too late. If they cannot be part of the conversation, then we should ask them to quit wasting our time. Government and business have to act in unison to invest in alternative energies. Otherwise, every other issue is moot.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming Is Far from a Hoax

  1. Personally I think that anymone who denies Global Warming needs to engage themselves in a bit of history. If you look back through the ages, almost every 400 years, the earth becomes either cooler or warmer. For example, 400 years ago in the early 1600’s the earth was emerging from one of the mini-ice ages…remember the references to skating on the Thames in Elizabethan literature…or the record snowstorms that the early pilgrims experienced in New England?

    And 400 years before that, the earth was warmer…peaking around the 12th and 13th centuries…a time when crops were failing around the world, the black death was surging, and Vikings were happily settling on a fair island they named “Greenland” (only to be frozen out of existance by the early 1400’s).

    And 800 years before that, the greatest Empire of the western world, Rome, was beginning to falter as crops failed, marauders from the North pushed south over previously frozen mountains, etc.

    The question should not be whether Global Warming exists, but to what degree is man contributing to it.

    • You are much more in tune with the history. There seems to be a high degree of correlation around the data that indicates the warming is being accelerated by actions of man. Is that causation? My belief is it is, but I will need to trust the opinions of the large number of scientists who say it is so. Professor Muller stopped short of the man-made link, but he clearly changed his opinion on the fact global warming is occurring and we need to take actions before it is too late.

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