What would (have) a Romney presidency look(ed) like?

Although I try to mute the sound on commercials, sometimes I am too late. I am intrigued by the ads that are being used with the above title without the parenthetical inserts. I thought it might be fun to take this a step further and glean what a Romney presidency would have looked like, should he had beaten John McCain and then Barack Obama in 2008. I will draw from some of his comments on the record, but take a lot of political license.

On the negative side, we would have seen some variation of the following:

– GM would have filed for bankruptcy as the Democratic led congress could not overturn Romney’s veto of an auto bailout. This would cause pieces of GM to be sold off, some of their business shuttered and a chain of job losses at GM and all their suppliers in the 500,000 to 1 million people range. A weakened GM would not survive for very long as Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota would seize even more market share. Plus, America’s swagger would be deflated.

– The stimulus, which economists said worked but needed to be more, would have been watered down. Romney would have accepted that something would need to be done, so he would have promoted and got passed a huge tax cut for the wealthy as he is proposing now.

– Since trickle down economics have been shown not to work, the economy would continue to sputter and the deficits would increase as they are forecasted now with the Romney tax cut proposal.

– The Keystone pipeline would be built and we would be realizing oil spills about the same time of the BP Gulf spill. Why? The company who wanted to build the pipeline has experienced 15 oil spills in less than two years with another pipeline they built. This would require a lot of explaining and additional damage control.

– The EPA would be threatened as the oil/ gas and Petro-chemical industries would want it gutted or done away with. The Democratic Congress would concede on some of those “job-killing” regulations that are thrown about and the industry would have big grins as they won yet again.

– America would be even further behind on its eco-energy planning and we would be heading down a “drill baby drill” future. The global warming deniers would be having a field day and our children and grandchildren would be living in a less habitable world.

– Osama Bin Laden would still be alive, as Romney would continue what Bush did late in his last term and stop pushing the search. Also, other key lieutenants of Bin Laden would survive and to wreak more global havoc.

– America would continue to be heavily adversarial in global dealings creating the ill-will that heightened in the Bush terms. We would not have the benefit of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and her well done job would have been handled by someone else.

– The LGBT community would be frustrated by lack of progress on basic human rights in our country. The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy would still be in place and our gay and lesbian soldiers would still be treated as second class citizens and scared more of leadership than the enemy who they can see.

On the positive side of the ledger, we would see some good things happen:

– The Democrats would have retained the leadership position in the House. The Tea Party drum beating would continue but not be as loud. There would be huge frustration from the right with Romney as they would see that he is a moderate just like Obama. Yet, we would have more collaboration as the Tea Party crowd would be represented less. Senator Mitch McConnell may even try governing for a change rather than being the obstinate force he is today.

– A similar version of Health Care Reform would have been passed, modeled like the current one, after the successful program in Massachusetts. Since health care costs are so out of whack, the business leaders would have pushed for change and he would have done something similar to what Obama passed. Yet, it would be better received as he would not be fighting so much uphill with a GOP base, especially since it is so similar to the Dole plan pushed in the 1990’s.

– Romney would be facing huge pressure from the right and barely win his renomination bid. Come fall, he would be trounced by Senator Hillary Clinton with America looking for change.

That is what a Romney presidency would have looked like. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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