What I want for my birthday

On the eve of my last day as a 53-year-old fart, I have reflected on a few wishes for my birthday. I realize I may not be granted all or any of these wishes, but since another year is passing, I am at least afforded the privilege of making a list. So, please indulge this old fart, at least, for a few minutes.

  • I wish that every American can watch the first fifteen minutes of the October 9 episode of “The Daily Show.” Jon Stewart has summed up my feelings on the upcoming Presidential election as only he can. As usual, it is equal parts funny and true. If they watched this, my unstated wish would come true.
  • I wish that every Pakistani will use the attempted Taliban assassination of a 14-year-old girl named Malala Yousufuzi as a rallying cry that we will tolerate no more the violence and bigotry of the Taliban and make their country great on the shoulders of young girls and boys like Malala who is only guilty of advocating for education for girls.
  • I wish all Americans would heed the global warming crisis for what it is and join with the rest of the world to do something about it. I repeat, my greatest fear of a Republican Presidency is our damaging our planet more than we have with double downing on fossil fuel expansion.
  • I wish the Republican leaders would realize what their party has become and silence the vociferous extremists that have caused it to be such a Reactionary party, a term which does not have a favorable meaning. America needs and deserves to have its GOP be a party that should be at the table, not one where you worry about where it will go next.
  • I wish America would realize it has a significant poverty problem here and we need to do something about it. Education, health care and better paying jobs are a part of this mission. We also need an asset based community model to improve neighborhoods, schools, etc.
  • I wish LGBTs have every right that every other American enjoys. It is past due and we need to listen to our children on the tolerance needed to move us forward.
  • I wish when a bigoted minister starts preaching a message of exclusion and hate, one which Jesus would not appreciate, the congregation would rise and walk out on him.
  • I wish leaders who beat on their chest about fighting a war take the issue as seriously and soberly as possible before they send Americans to die. And, if we do send Americans to die, I want to have every option exhausted beforehand. We owe it to them and their families.
  • I wish we would return to more common sensical gun laws and realize we dwarf the rest of the world in children gun deaths.
  • I wish that people turn off propaganda disguised as news and look for the truth, not someone’s version of the truth. I also wish people invited to speak as subject matter experts are, in fact, subject matter experts.
  • I wish we would start talking about real problems in the US and world and not the stuff we tend to talk about instead. I mentioned a few of them in my last post.

I could go on, but that is enough wishes for now. Since these are wishes that most likely cannot be granted, let me at least wish for something close by. I wish my children grow up healthy, curious and joyous. My wife and I are blessed with three wonders among wonders. I hope that I can be the best parent I can be to guide, counsel, nurture and love them. I wish my wife and I can walk at sunset along the shores holding hands and kicking up the pools of water well into the future. We have been at it for 27 years and I hope we can at least double that time together.

Thank you readers and fellow bloggers for joining me on this journey. I value my new friendships with people whose words inspire me and make me think. What more can an old fart ask? You are the best. Keep on keepin on.

16 thoughts on “What I want for my birthday

    • Please say young man again. It is nice to hear. To my young friends, 35 seems old. I read somewhere middle age is 15 years older than you are at any moment. Thanks for writing. I enjoy your perspective.

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