Per Bloomberg – “It’s Global Warming, Stupid”

The above was the title of the most recent Bloomberg Business Week report. As many of you know, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City publicly endorsed President Obama late this week primarily due to his position and work to date on addressing the impact of global warming with mpg standards and investment in alternative energy sources. I am hoping this is a tipping point for our country.

In earlier posts, I have noted the positives in the President’s record, but as a country we should be doing even more. Yet, when contrasted with an opposing party who will not publicly recognize what the rest of the world knows that global warming is here, man-influenced and a problem, the President is light year’s ahead of Governor Romney and his party. My broken record commentary regarding my greatest concern for a GOP White House is retrenching on any efforts to combat global warming. Germany is ten years ahead of us which is about the same number of years President Bush was in office where we did little in this regard.

Rather than repeat earlier posts, I am going to highlight a few that people may want to look over. I did want to speak clearly that what is happening in the northeast is no longer an anomaly and the “storms of the century” are happening at a greater clip. I watched “Real Time with Bill Maher” last night. First, there was James Balog, the most prolific global warming photographer, on the show who scrolled you through comparative pictures of global warming impact. Second, one of the Republican guests noted we had a period in the 1950’s when a couple of severe storms hit in close proximity, so he was not sure what is different.

That comment understates the current problem. First, the storms are more severe and frequent than before. Second, as reported by PBS Newshour a few months ago, a climate scientist stated the rising sea level is like elevating a basketball court. So, when the hurricanes blow ashore, the water is starting at a higher level, so using his analogy it is easier to dunk a basketball with an elevated court. The high tides from the hurricanes do greater damage and the water stays when the tides retreat. This is what is happening in New Jersey and New York City.

I would encourage you to read a few past blogs. I am going to start with a monetary one based on a global study by Mercer Investment Consulting and major pension trust fund managers around the world. Why? Because the cost of not acting will cost more later than by planning ahead and I thought this might appeal to people who don’t want to lose their money.

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There are more stories peppered throughout and before March of this year. Yet, the above will give you the gist of my concerns. You will note, I have packaged together what Dr. Sandra Steingraber has raised as a major concern. As the planet continues to heat up, the crock pot of chemicals we have in our water and earth will cook as well, so we are in greater danger than is just envisioned by more obvious climate issues.

For my Republican friends who may be condescending and use that “tree hugger” label to belittle these concerns, I have a few comments. First, I strongly encourage you to read the aforementioned Mercer study under “Climate Change and Your Money.” We are talking about real money here. Second, you are damn right I am a tree hugger and why aren’t you? If you read Dr. Steingraber’s books, you will have an entirely different perspective on your oil/ gas industry and petro-chemical industry friends and know why they are spending so much money in this election and why they want to hobble the EPA.

Folks, this is important. And, if we don’t get this right, the other issues won’t matter. We are not just talking about impacting our kids and grandkids anymore. It is here.


10 thoughts on “Per Bloomberg – “It’s Global Warming, Stupid”

  1. And don’t forget: a fairly lengthy articler drawing on BYG’s blogs and coauthored by yours truly will appear in “Empirical” magazine in January — if things go as scheduled! Keep up the good work!

      • Thanks Vincent. Ironically, the National Geological Society is meeting in NC today. The news article said the 39 inch rise in sea level may occur sooner and there was a comment about the irony of the meeting being in NC since the NC legislature refused to accept a report on 39 inches by 2100 and would only accept a 8 inch increase report.

      • I do not know when this trend in changing and/or suppressing reports that do not show what people want them to show started, but it really needs to stop. 39 inches by 2100 is scary, however the science is probably there to support that claim. Simply changing it to a number that is more acceptable won’t change what Mother Nature is going to do. After all Mother Nature does have the final word on the matter not the politician.

      • When the insurance companies refuse to insure the risk, and they wil, people will have to alter their plans. If you saw the movie “Nights on Rodanthe” there are houses on stilts on the sand. These houses will be washed away. At Bald Head Island, they have houses that have been and are being consumed by the sea. Per Stephen Colbert, you cannot hold the tide back with legal briefs. Thanks for writing, BTG

  2. In his victory speech last night, the president mentioned global warming. That in itself is a positive thing, but we’ll see if he can get anything done now that he has 4 more years to work with. Someone needs to take it seriously in our nation, particularly in our government. I hope he can step up to that challenge.

    • Thanks Chris. I heard that as well. It is funny, not one of the now illuminated pundits made any reference to that point and Bloomberg’s bold endorsement. You add that to General Colim Powell’s (which was the best commerical run by Obama) and it became a powerful message. I am tired and relieved today. Best regards, BTG

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