You should not be surprised

The other day I read yet another tragic story about a shark attack which killed a swimmer just off shore. It started me thinking about why we have seen more shark attacks and it led to this post on a potpourri of topics that could be defined by the title. With this in mind as your read on, you should not be surprised…..

– that we have more shark attacks closer to shore with fishermen and tourist boat guides throwing fish scraps off the side of the boat/ pier to attract shark sightings for the tourists or to fish more conveniently for sharks;

– that we have more alligator attacks on small pets and children as we move our houses further out into swampy land;

– that civilians get hurt or killed by a soldier when the enemy hides among them and uses the civilians as a cover;

– that soldiers are subject to more PTSD when the enemy brainwashes the young impressionable minds to strap a bomb on their body which means the soldiers have to be ever vigilant to protect themselves and not harm real civilians;

– that fans get hurt after they taunt each other because they see players taunting each other on the field;

– that football players have more head and internal injuries after they take so many steroids to become bigger and stronger and can hit and be hit harder than before;

– that people get killed after bar arguments when you mix access to firearms with testosterone and alcohol – a dumb ass with a firearm is not as dangerous as a drunk dumb ass with a firearm;

– that we have health problems as we get older after we remain overweight, don’t exercise and smoke or drink excessively;

– that the divorce rate is so high since marriage takes hard work to make a relationship work;

– that opportunity is missed because it is dressed up like hard work;

– that people are surprised by real news when they only follow news networks that tell them what they want to hear;

– that people lose trust in leadership when leaders commit crimes, misdemeanors or ethics violations and go unpunished when others suffer the brunt of their misdeeds and lose their job, home, or innocence;

– that customers remember customer service slights or maltreatment and shop elsewhere;

– that we do not have collaboration in government when the collaborators resign or get waylaid by well-funded extremists in primaries;

– that the kids won’t play with you after you pitched a fit in the sandbox and took all your sand toys home (goes in tandem with the above);

– that victims of domestic violence pay the ultimate price if the abuser is not put in jail or the victim is not placed in a safer environment;

– that the environment suffers when you do not protect it from the vagaries and insatiable greed of man;

– that man is stunned when nature does what it does, when water finds its way into places it is not supposed to, when a man-made device (pipeline, platform, safeguard) is breached by toxic gas or oil, or a human failure causes an environmental problem;

– that a church membership declines after it practices the bigotry of exclusion in an ironic self-fulfilling prophesy;

– that poverty exists when you do not provide reasonable income, ladders out of it or helping hands when needed; and

– that accidents occur while driving after you have been staring at screen and not the road in response to or to send a text that likely is of no consequence.

These are few thoughts to get you started. Please feel free to add to the list or reiterate or take issue with any item with your comments. I welcome them.


11 thoughts on “You should not be surprised

    • Thanks Hugh. I am always carrying scraps of paper around in my pocket. If I don’t write them down when they hit, I will forget them. Best regards, BTG

  1. Amen, amen, amen, preach it brother!

    Overfishing has depleted the fish upon which the sharks feed and damaged the fragile ecosystem of the sea. We dump so much garbage and toxic chemical crap into the ocean, we will be lucky to have sharks or any other kinds of large ocean creatures in the near future.

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