Memo to Boehner and Reid – Make a Move

Date: April 7, 2013

To: Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Leader Harry Reid

From: A Concerned Parent in America

Cc: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden

Subject: Better Gun Control – Make a Move

I have been beating on this drum well before Sandy Hook, but we cannot let what happened there go without acting responsibly. I applaud Governor Malloy and the bi-partisan legislature in Connecticut for doing the right thing and passing universal background checks and restriction on magazines. I also applaud the governor and legislature in Colorado for similar action. And, hats off to those states who already have tighter requirements.

Tonight, I watched with millions of Americans the parents and loved ones of the twenty-six Sandy Hook victims tell their story on 60 Minutes and beg you to act. It is time to make a move. The ball is in your court and I will hold you two personally responsible along with Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor for your failure to act.

You see, the problem is worse than the shooting tragedies at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Arizona, Virginia Tech, et al. The problem we are fighting happens everyday. It is when one teen shoots and kills another teen or child. It is when someone feels “dissed” in a public setting and has access to a gun in his car (gender intended as very few women are this irresponsible). You mix guns with testosterone and alcohol or drugs and only bad things happen.

You see, the US leads the top 23 wealthiest countries in gun deaths and teen/ children gun deaths by far. It is not even close. Even gun countries like Canada have much fewer gun deaths than we have. You see, we have the Second Amendment and the NRA. I am not advocating taking anyone’s Second Amendment rights away, but we need to understand the context of when the constitution was written. In my mind, no one outside of the military or police should own an assault weapon. And, for those of you who wonder What Would Jesus Do? I can assure you that Jesus would not own a gun, much less an Uzi or AK47. If a minister tells you otherwise, then you should strongly question his understanding of the bible.

This is not a fishing license. We need universal background checks on every purchase. I think we need training as well, but let’s start there. I also believe we can limit the magazines. That will also save lives. I think we should get rid of the assault weapons, but I am going to make it easier for you and say do those first two things – universal background checks and limits on magazine. The police are telling you to do this – we should listen to them rather than the NRA. The NRA does not speak for Americans and they don’t even speak for most gun owners. So, say thank you for your input NRA, but we are going to do this.

Make a move. It is time. The significant majority of Americans want this. It is up to you. And, for those who feel they may not get re-elected, I have two final comments.

First, stop worrying about keeping your job and do your job.

Second, if someone uses this as a campaign issue, you look them in the eye and say, I voted to save lives. What would you have had me do? Next question.

Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid, it is your ball to play. Make a move. Americans want this. I want this as a parent. And, as an Independent voter having laid out this problem, I am less concerned with what the NRA thinks. When the next shooting happens (and it almost did in Central Florida a month ago, except for an alert fellow student), it will be in your lap to reconcile that tragedy with the failure to act now. Acting will not stop gun deaths. It cannot in our free society. But, it can make a difference.

So, make a move. Make a difference. It is time.

15 thoughts on “Memo to Boehner and Reid – Make a Move

  1. Great post, and I support your position 1000%. Sadly, it’ll never happen. Even though 90% of American citizens, including 80+% of NRA members favor these kinds of gun control, the gun manufacturers don’t, and neither does the NRA, (Which no longer cares about its average members, only the manufacturers who provide the vast majority of their funding). Having said that, and these two groups line the pockets of Congress, It’ll never pass. Congress doesn’t care any longer what average america wants, only what their wealthy and big corporate contributors want. Even though the states and polls overwhelmingly support gun control, these guys have the gall to stand up and say there is no support for it, thus will vote it down.

    This is no longer a democracy, and congress has reached the point where they don’t even care that we know it. Proof positive is their blind positions on gun control and global warming. We want it, the big company lobbyists don’t, so we won’t get it.

    Thanks for taking the effort on a great post.

    • Thanks for the comments. You are directionally correct and I hope all is not lost. The only way we can combat this (and other inaction or bad action) is to stay in their face. That is what the parents of the Sandy Hook kids did in CT. We need to do it in Washington and in our own states. I am sitting in a state which is prima facie evidence of what happens when you get GOP leadership in the house, senate and governor’s mansion. We have had a parade of the most inane bullshit I have ever seen – bill on a state religion, bill on requiring separation for two years with counseling before divorce, bill to restrict voting (my favorite part was to make college kids come home and vote, rather than in college because too many thought for themselves), bill to repeal a law requiring energy companies to provide 12.5% of energy through renewable sources by 2021, law to not accept a peer reviewed scientific report on sea level increase which concurred with one in VA, LA, and ME, law to cut more oxygen producing trees down without permission for electronic billboards to distract drivers, law to eliminate some estate taxes on billionaires, law to reduce unemployment harshly, law not to extend Medicaid for the Affordable Care Act, etc.

      • With all the things you list in your state alone, and then look to Kansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Idaho, Iowa, etc etc, it is an epidemic across the country of politicians beholden, and doing the bidding of mega-companies or fringe groups to the right. They don’t care what the average american thinks, only what their big contributors think. And sadly, it is not just the Republicans. Think the Dems that are against gun control, and spineless Harry Reid who won’t even bring the complete bill to the senate.

        I hate to be a cynic, but we’re as close to being lost as I could ever imagine.

  2. I tend to agree with Barney, but I do hope you sent the letter. I can’t hurt. But I do think they aren’t the least bit interested in what anyone thinks except those who come up with the money to keep them in office.

  3. Hey There! Excellent post. I agree with quite a bit of what you wrote here. I certainly think we need improved background checks, with a focus on weeding out the crazies, and if you cant guarantee your mentally ill family member cant get to the shotgun or the AK47, then sorry no guns for you. improved processes for training and recertification and insurance for your firearms including liability, injury and property damage. Also, age limits I recommend over 16 at minimum. I’d bet people would be more responsible with their guns if they knew they could get sued. I don’t agree that the type of gun you own should be restricted though ( a change from my prior opinion) As long as you pass your background checks, take your training courses and recertification and keep your stuff away from the kids and the mentally ill then you should be able to purchase whatever type of firearm you choose. Ammunition should be limited as you describe, and modifications should not be available to the general public. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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