A Reflection on Two Hundred Posts

My most recent posting hit a milestone as the 200th post I have made on Musings of an Old Fart. I want to thank the many visitors who have dropped by and even more thanks to those who came back again. As others who post know, not everyone comments, which is OK, but those who take the time to do so are greatly appreciated. I try to comment most of the places I visit, as I want the writer to know I hung around for a while. But, even if you don’t share your thoughts, I appreciate your perusing the blog.

I find interesting what turns out to be the more widely read topics I write about. As I review my top five most read posts, three I felt more optimistic about given the topic, but the other two surprised me as they seemed to strike an unexpected chord with folks. I would add that some of the more widely read posts were due to the reposting or endorsement by others. I owe a big thanks to each of you who gave this Old Fart a shout out. You are the best.

The most read post was based on my favorite play and movie – Les Miserables and Social Injustice, which was written on January 13, 2013. The music is so good in the play, it truly overshadows the depth of social injustice in the story. The most recent movie drove home the injustice and this post was well received more so than any other I have written before or since. It still gets many visits each week, which is wonderful as a writer. It is appreciated and I aspire to replicate this feat each time I write.

The second most popular post of mine is Healthcare is more than a pawn, it is a problem written on August 8, 2012. This post was in the middle of the Presidential race and voiced my frustration that healthcare was a pawn in a political game, when it is truly a huge problem in our country and still is. The lack of concern over the issues at hand (50 million people without coverage) served as reminder of what politics is – defeating your opponent’s idea, no matter how good and, in this case, no matter how much it resembled your own idea. If people defeat the idea, my question is what do you propose to do to help with the underlying problem?

These two posts, with the help of others, were issues that I hoped would resonate. The fifth most widely read post of mine, which I also hoped would resonate is The Rich and the Rest of Us written on October 20, 2012. This post is based on a book on poverty in America written by Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. The sequel post did not fare quite as well, but the identification of the most misunderstood issues of poverty was well-received by readers. I hope people picked up a copy of the book as it is a must read.

The two posts that surprised me were written in tribute to two people – one alive and one dead. Tribute to a Great Boss written on December 5, 2012 was written a couple of days after a jubilant and melancholy send off of my old boss who retired. In retrospect, I think people crave an ideal boss, so they wanted to see how one acted. He does not know I wrote this and he would probably would shake his head and say “damn” but he is due this tribute. He was funny, supportive and would help you succeed. Thanks for sharing his story with me.

The deceased person was written about in Jim Croce – A Voice Quieted Too Soon, penned on September 29, 2012. It turns out many of you feel about Jim Croce the way I do and it showed. I probably know more of his songs word for word than those of any other artist, as they had so much meaning. Our friend Z says she likes these “tribute to songwriter posts” the most of what I write. I will try to keep them coming for you Z, only if you must promise to continue telling your wonderful stories with pictures and words.

Let me turn the spotlight for a minute on the many wonderful writers and photographers I visit at least every other day, in addition to Z. I shared with Hugh and Barney, two of my favorites, that what they write on their posts is consistently of high quality and beats the pants off most pundits I read in the paper and online. They cover a greater number of important topics than the pundits and try to be as judicious as possible in their writing. I know if I start listing names of some of my favorites, I will omit someone who I think is top drawer as well, so please forgive me, but here goes: Emily, Jenni, Judy, Amaya, Donna, Roseylinn, Lisa (there are two more besides Z), Vincent, Varun, Jots, Toby, Grandma, Tazein, Jasmine, Clare, our Tennessee liberal at D&O, Chicks with Ticks, plus others who I will be most embarrassed when I realize I failed to mention them. There are some new ones I am learning more and more about like Cristian, Cranston, Rosemarie, Harsh, et al, so I hope to see more of what you do. Some of these excellent writers need to write more, as I go through withdrawal pains when their day-to-day lives interfere with their writing. You are missed when you stay away, but always appreciated when you return.

Well, thanks for letting me wax on in this 201st post. And, many thanks for reading the first 200. Your time, interest, encouragement and commentary is greatly appreciated. Best wishes, all. And, keep on writing.

19 thoughts on “A Reflection on Two Hundred Posts

  1. how thoughtful of you to tip your hat/cursor to those who treasure your posts! The Rich and the Rest of Us not only had a great title, but great statistics as well. The tribute to your boss was a tender one that also teaches others what traits help form an effective leader.

    do you find that some of your favorite posts received few ‘likes’ or comments?

    i’ve always enjoyed your music posts, for sure! it’s always comforting when someone strings a list of songs that are dear to me! today while working on a painting, i had a total immersion in david gray’s music..

    congratulations on #200, and i look forward to the next 200.. and the next.. and the next!.

    • Thanks Z. I have another music one in the bullpen warming up. Your comments are much appreciated. On the likes, some get more likes and fewer comments, while others get the opposite. Take care, BTG

  2. Thanks for the mention! I think my favorite post of those you mentioned is the Les Mis and Social Justice one. It was beautiful and fantastic. You have a good heart, and I am glad to be associating with you through blogging. Keep it up!

  3. Looking forward to the next 200 from you and congratulations on reaching the double century. Apart from being intelligently eloquent, I love the variety in your posts. You cover a lot of ground. Thank you, too for the shout out, I always appreciate your comments.

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