Please check out Elon University poll on gun control

If you do crossword puzzles, you will be quite familiar with Elon University as it is a common answer to the clue “NC University.” Elon is a fine liberal arts university located between Greensboro and Raleigh, NC that attracts its 6,000 students from all over the country and world. For several years, its students have conducted numerous surveys and polls that are meritorious. A recent Elon poll on the issue of gun control is representative of their efforts. It is excellent for the questions it asked as well as the breakdown of results by political party preference and demographic group. Here is the poll link:

I have sent the above link to numerous legislators representing the interests of the state of NC and US. My request is that they listen to the citizens they represent rather than lobbyists. I would encourage you to link to the survey results and give it a read. The survey is not very long, so it is not a major investment of your time. I will let you draw your own conclusions. Please feel free to share it with others, especially your representatives.

I will refrain from comment at this point. I have written numerous posts on gun control that you can reference, but I truly believe this poll is informative and well done.

16 thoughts on “Please check out Elon University poll on gun control

    • Thanks Marsha. Feel free to encourage others to check the Elon poll out. NC is a good cross section, leaning moderately conservative on the whole with the major cities moderately progressive.

  1. What is not said nearly enough is that the NRA is in the business of keeping sales up for the Gun Manufacturers, and couldn’t care less about the individual. Sounds like Congress, doesn’t it?

  2. Hi,

    The problem and reason why such gun control does not go into effect and is adamantly fought is anti-gun groups want to go far beyond setting up regulation for gun control and assault rifles (Something which is never used when our police are rocking them).

    Take Ma. For example,

    Our politicians drones on about why we need to banned Assault Rifles but then went further trying to require gun insurances on all weapons owned with threat of fines and possible jail time on new guns and old ones. With the recent revelation(as if this wasn’t happening already) of the Government spying of Americans and abusing their power it’s even further unlikely people would be on board for government databases on gun owners and locations.

    Another example is NYC as to why many wouldn’t be on board or will fight it tooth and nail is NYC in which Michael Bloomberg has had his “War on Guns” in which he promoted “Stop and Fisk” which targets mainly minorities (making 86% of stops) with poor results (1-2%). So a gun runner who is not a minority has around a 14% chance of ever being stop by the police. Why should people trust the government on gun control when one of its tactics is discriminating against a section of the population to do so? BTW from the poll its minorities that are in favor of gun control yet are the ones facing the blunt of enforcement and one can be sure it’s not improving the relationships of the communities and the cop’s station in those areas.

    As for clips in magazines if someone is going to shoot up a school they could always use more than one gun. Mistrust in government is extremely high and the soon to be drones in U.S. skies, U.S. government spying on Americans in bulk I can’t really see a majority of the country or our elected officials getting behind gun control giving up what little perceived safety from government overreach.

    Sure if the post asked “Do you believe government will abuse gun control?” or “Do you think government will overreach on gun control?” you get high # believe so.

    • Thanks for more thoughts on this. We need reasonable discussion around this topic and we are not getting it. My main concerns as I have written about in several previous posts, is the issue is not the very tragic events where mass shootings occur. The issue is we lead the civilized world in gun deaths and children and teen gun deaths. The Children Defense Fund notes we have had 125,000 children gun deaths since 1979. The Journal for Trauma and Acute Medicine (I think I said that right) says whe you measure all of the children and teen gun deaths of the top 23 wealthiest nations, we have 87% of the kid deaths. If you measured all gun deaths, we have 80%. Canada also loves it guns, yet we have a gun death ratio of three times their rate. So, something is not going well and needs to change. Gun deaths are due to lack of civil discourse, an entertainment culture promoting violence, poverty issues, mental health issues, and easy access to guns. Americans seem to overwhelmingly support background checks and waiting periods. That also shows up in the Elon survey for people of all political persuasions. So, I believe if we at least do those two things consistently, then we would be better off. Your comments on the NSA spying give me pause as well. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your thoughts, BTG

  3. “Sure if the poll asked “Do you believe government will abuse gun control?” or “Do you think government will overreach on gun control?” you get high # believe so.”

    • Thanks for writing. I think the lobbying is too strong to ever let them abuse gun control, which is interesting phrasing. The government is scared of the NRA and gives them too much creedence on this issue. Money, unfortunately, rules the roost even moreso than ever before. Otherwise, we would have more common sense discussion on these (and other) issues. Thanks for your thoughts, BTG

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