Exchanges are here – too bad GOP cannot celebrate its idea

The trains are rolling and the exchanges are here. Short of national healthcare
(which Obamacare is not), the exchanges are a good idea to use the
existing system of delivery of healthcare to get more uninsureds
covered, whether their lack of insurance had been due to cost or preexisting condition. As an Independent voter, the President should be commended for at long last getting
this through. As a benefit professional, I recognize that Obamacare is complex
and not perfect. I also recognize the irony of statements made by Tea Party
members like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who have the #1 and #3 states in uninsured
populations in the country. We in North Carolina have nothing to brag about with our
position in the top 1/3 of uninsureds in the country on this issue.

It is also time for the remaining 25 states to expand Medicaid, which is a win-win for
those in need and the states’ economies, so says the Rand Corporation. In North Carolina, we are being terribly harmful to 500,000 citizens who are from all political
persuasions. Texas and Florida, with their high numbers of uninsureds are in the same boat. We need to expand Medicaid as soon as possible before we lose other
rural hospitals whose indigent cost is too high relative to their revenue
stream. Poverty is real and is a major problem in this country. Getting access to affordable care is a key part of helping them, and in so doing, help our economy, especially the rural hospitals who have to become collectors or go unpaid.

One final thought directed at the commercials funded by the Koch
Brothers, which I find offensive. Using misinformation to dissuade people not to
support Obamacare is unethical. The two commercials being run the most are
straight from last year’s themes in the Presidential race and were untrue then.
Yet, encouraging people not to sign up for Obamacare is beyond unethical. People should make their own informed choice based on cost/ need and not be influenced by someone who wants to defeat a concept. Per the Journal of Medicine, 62% of personal bankruptcies are due to poor insurance or no insurance.

Please expand Medicaid. And, reconsider for the future running a state based exchange. I have been in the BCBS exchange for three months now and it works well, but more competition would be good for consumers. And, GOP please stop holding the country hostage going against your own idea. It is poor form and reeks of gamesmanship, so says this Independent voter.

8 thoughts on “Exchanges are here – too bad GOP cannot celebrate its idea

  1. I really don’t understand too much of Obamacare…but I do agree that Medicaid needs to be expanded to senior citizens who aren’t yet eligible for Medicare and can’t get disability! Great article and I usually don’t comment on political pieces but yours made so much sense!

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