Speaker Boehner – you are right, it is not a damn game

I watched Speaker John Boehner speak with righteous indignation at the government shutdown not being a game. You are right, it is not. I agree with you. You have the power as of this moment to call a vote on the Senate bill they sent back to the House. You have enough votes between moderate Republicans, who are tired of the Tea Party hostage taking, to side with the Democrats and get the budget passed. Right now, you have the votes. Make a move.

This budget is based on what you want from a GOP standpoint. It keeps the GOP desired numbers, but is without change to Obamacare funding. The Democrats have already conceded on this point. You have the votes right now, if you call for a vote. Someone wrote a comment into our newspaper this morning. The Senate has voted several times on bills sent over from the house. You should make a move on what the Senate sent back. You have the votes right now.

As an Independent voter and former Republican and Democrat and I don’t care who wins or loses. I do care about people using misinformation. I do care that a small group of people called the Tea Party can hold the GOP and America hostage over something that is largely a Republican idea. The exchanges in particular are a capitalistic, GOP idea that leverages the existing market. I also know the former Senator Jim DeMint, who was the Tea Party leader before resigning his senate seat to become President of the Heritage Foundation, supported Romneycare as last as 2009.

This is of importance, as Obamacare is patterned in many respects after Romneycare. DeMint liked Romneycare so much he wrote a letter to President George W. Bush saying we should do this for our entire country to solve the healthcare problem. He even advocated in interviews how much he liked the mandate as he thought it added personal responsibility. Yet, when Obamacare was passed, he declared in 2010 that both Romneycare and Obamacare were unconstitutional. Only one year before, Romneycare was the best thing since sliced bread.

This is the ultimate flip-flop, as now DeMint, as President of the Heritage Foundation, writes an anti-Obamacare post complete with a hammer and sickle implying Obamacare is communism. Again, I would add the exchanges are about as capitalistic as you can get. If not, why did the healthcare insurer stock prices go up on October 1? Another irony is origination of some of the ideas within Obamacare came from the Heritage Foundation and were adopted by Senator Bob Dole when he ran for President in 1996 as a the Republican nominee.

So, it is not a game Speaker Boehner. You cannot just change opinions like this because the guy in the White House passed your idea. This is important as if you ask Americans if they like the Affordable Care Act, you get more people liking it than when you ask them if they like Obamacare. They are the same thing, which Jimmy Kimmel has now made famous with his video from the other night. When people say Obamacare will be bad for the country, these are the same people who do not know what Obamacare does and are reacting to the name and the PR against it. You may recall when your PR firm told Republicans to always add the modifier of “job-killing” to Obamacare.

It is also not a game that about 50 million Americans do not have healthcare insurance, the worst offender being the state of Texas, home of Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Rick Perry. Texas has more uninsureds than other state. Cruz has been the principal culprit in holding America hostage and has done a disservice to this country. Perry has called Obamacare “criminal.” The Koch Brothers have funded commercials that use last year’s campaign tactics against Obamacare reference Uncle Sam standing between you and your doctor and using a poor woman to reference death panels. I know it is not perfect and is complex. I know Obama has done a poor job of explaining it to Americans. But, I do know the Tea Party, GOP, DeMint and Koch Brothers have pulled out the stops on the misinformation and disinformation calling it criminal, communism, Nazism, etc. Personally, I don’t like being lied to.

I also know politicians don’t know what Obamacare is. My representative still makes statements that I am sure he believes to be true, but are not correct. Either that or he is being Machiavellian. Governor Perry, Obamacare is not perfect, but it is certainly not criminal. However, what is extremely poor stewardship is to have a state where so many suffer and not do anything about it. Some would call that criminal. To me it is a damn shame, especially when entities like the Rand Corporation talk about the positive financial impact to a state to have Obamacare with the Medicaid expansion. So, you are not only not representing all Texans, you are harming the economy in Texas.

So, back to Speaker Boehner, you are right is not a damn game. It frustrates the hell out of me to have the country being held hostage over something that is largely your own idea. Call the vote right now and end this madness. There are so many Republicans that are ticked off at Cruz and the Tea Party, you will see what will happen. Call the vote now. It will pass and we can move onto the debt ceiling crisis.

15 thoughts on “Speaker Boehner – you are right, it is not a damn game

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more…
    I heard that comment of Speaker Boehners this morning on NPR “not a damn game”. My immediate thought? What nerve [he has] to actually orchestrate playing with millions of American livelihood(s) and call it not a damn game. My second thought? Why are we not protesting?

    • Thanks Raye. This obviously ticked me off as well. He needs to stop worrying about keeping his job and do his job. Four major pieces of legislation passed this year had less than majority Republican support because of the divisiveness of the group. This and the debt ceiling will be no different.

  2. What is interesting is how different newspapers are portraying what is going on. Conservative newspapers call it a “slim down” and others call it a “shut down”. I have read where at least one top Republican involved with the shutdown is now saying that it had nothing to do with ObamaCare.

    • On the latter point, it could be a charade, but I don’t think so. There is too much handwringing by saner GOP leaders. They are in quandary. In early 2010, a Republican leader said the mid-term GOP success that may (and did) occur that fall will mask the underlying problems in the GOP. He was right.

      • Yes it did. Trouble with mid-terms is also low voter turn out. From the statements I have seen I don’t think the GOP has any leadership or direction. It is as if the party is self-imploding.

      • And, the lower the turnout, the easier for a well financed zealous group to get their candidate elected. Especially now with the gerrymandering. I have been watching Republican after Republican Congressperson stand up and say we need to cease this mess, yet there is no leader to say let’s move ahead. If Boehner did do the right thing and followed the four votes on major issues (which he will have to do for the debt ceiling) and let the vote occur, he may be ousted in a coup. Maybe he is waiting for one big vote to cover the debt and budget together.

      • He should do his job instead of being too afraid to lose his job. Although there is an article I read of how his office worked with state officials to gerrymand it so he is protected.

        I saw that Hastert came out and said the only real rule is the 218 majority needed to pass legislation rule. 🙂

  3. The Affordable Healthcare Act & healthcare exchanges are full of irony for conservatives. I believe that their primary objection is the concept that the “government” is requiring them to do something. 1) The exchanges give private insurance companies access to more customers, 2) the exchanges bring in younger citizens who might bypass healthcare during their healthier years (i.e. pay premiums, but use few services) but then sign up when they get closer to needing expensive procedures, 3) ACA requires that people take responsiblity for their health, by purchasing insurance, rather than being irresponsible and possibly putting the bills on hospitals which are required to provide services regardless of someone’s ability to pay. Are not private companies, spreading insurance risks/expenses, and personal responsibility pillars of conservativism?
    P.S. I see your comments on Barney’s blog regularly.

    • Oscar, thanks for your comments. And, I do see yours on Barney’s blog as well. I agree, this is why the misinformation would be humorous in a normal setting. Unfortunately, it is painful now. I watched the leader of one of Tea Party groups last night again misrepresent what Obamacare is. While it is far from perfect, it is not the spawn of the devil as it is portrayed by some. That is one reason the surveys have to ask questions about the component parts and not use the nickname of the law, to get a real take on what people like and don’t like. Thanks for writing, BTG

    • Group plans spread the insurance risk over the entire group which is why even before the law passed they accepted people regardless of pre-existing condition.

      Hospitals can refuse treatment if the condition is not an emergency. If the hospital gets any federal money then they are required to treat emergencies. Usually they don’t refuse non-emergency treatment due to potential liability but they have that right. It’s the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act that passed in 1986.

      Just because someone doesn’t have health insurance doesn’t make them irresponsible. For example in the private insurance market a person could be denied for pre-existing conditions, and for being denied health insurance coverage in the past 5 years. If they didn’t have a group plan through an employer, or any other way to get health insurance, then they went without. Now, those people can get health insurance.

      • Thanks for your comments. The undertold stories of how people can now get coverage are being aired one by one. People need to hear more of the successes of the law to help them understand better its intent. What has been implemented before 2014 is enough to gain attention. They already hear its imperfections, perceived and real.

  4. The Speaker was on the Sunday talk show with George Stephanopolous yesterday and said there were not enough votes to pass a clean bill. Yet, one more Republican Congressman, Peter King of New York begged to differ. King said there are 50 GOP votes right now to vote for a clean bill and went on to say if you did a confidential vote, there are 150 votes. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

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