Three Women GOP Senators who bring needed reason

Our hope resides with the Senate on a current end to the shutdown and debt ceiling crisis. After a very troubling and unsettling usurp in the House yesterday which derailed productive conversations for about six hours, the saner heads in the Senate have to lead the way. I did see encouraging comments from three female Republican Senators who are part of the Gang of 12 Bipartisan senators – Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Kelly Ayotte. They feel it can be done in an interview on the NBC Today Show this morning. Plus, they were refreshing talking about the need to govern and get this done. There will be time to discuss issues after the crisis.

When asked about what this means for the Speaker’s future, they noted that his role cannot be the issue. They noted that Americans are tired of the “zero-sum” game of politics. They said they support the Speaker, but it is time to govern the country and cease the gamesmanship. The syllable “man” in gamesmanship is used with intent. I have been a broken record about needing  more women in politics as I believe it will lead to less gamesmanship and more reasonable debate. This is evidenced by their comments as can be seen and heard with this link below:

As a man, I know that men like to compete. The problem in this chess game of politics, the pawns are the ones who bear the brunt of their poor gamesmanship. However, there is one man among many who says default would be “an act of sheer idiocy.” This line comes from none other than Warren Buffett, who knows a little about finance. Unfortunately, even Buffett isn’t wealthy enough to help the US out of this self-created mess. Yet, the significant majority of financial people, including Christine Legarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and yet another woman, say an US default would be lunacy. They are right.

So, let’s hope the Gang of 12 can get it done today, get something through the Senate and over to the House. If they do that, let’s hope the Speaker will choose to govern than placate the strident views in his party. Please phone or email your Senators and Congressional representatives to make this happen. We need to get this done. And, we need to get it done today.

10 thoughts on “Three Women GOP Senators who bring needed reason

  1. I hope that everyone gets it done today, too. But I must remind the world that there are as many “crazies” on the distaff side of the ledger. Think Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney, Ann Colture, Megan Fox, Michelle Bachman, and the witch from New Jersey, Christine —–.

    But your premise is good, and lets hope SOMEONE gets it done!

    • Agreed. Crazy is not limited to one gender. Yet, I think women who are elected because they are thoughtful in manner and deed, will lead the way for others. Let’s hope they can have the wisdom of Solomon and patience of Job today (of course, we are short on time, so they need to follow John Wooden’s line “be quick, but don’t be in a hurry”).

  2. I loved this when I saw it on TODAY this morning. I reminded me of some feminist theorists who are interested in the ethic of care. It also makes the case for equal representation of the sexes in government. We need more of this.

    • Agreed. As I write this, the deal is reached and needs to be voted on in the Senate and hopefully the House will vote on it as well. There were seven women in total on the Gang of 12, bipartisan Senate group.

  3. This topic, the shutdown and potential default of our government, has been a constant companion for the last two weeks in this household. Admittedly I am not a very political minded person yet I am astounded that as a nation we have not found a way to stop a few individuals from holding an entire nation, if not world economy hostage.

    Well truthfully it’s not that surprising. Most of us are completely unaware of the realities of politics. We perhaps think we know but, the truth is often devastated upon light of day so all precautions are taken to hide the “Making of the sausage” from the public eye. The truth as we know it is, in reality, the spin that is released by politicians and our challenge is to read between the lines to decide the truth for ourselves. The only problem with that is we have inaccurate information upon which to base a decision. Which only leads to speculation and fear.

    That being said, we are left with faith. What we as individuals decide to put our faith in is up to each one of us to decide. I have faith that eventually common sense with rule out. I have faith that some of our elected officials actually have a conscience. I have faith that as human beings we will come to the aid of each other when we are able. I have faith in the belief that we are stronger than we know.

    I have faith that God will hear our prayers and respond.

    • Thanks Lori. As I mentioned in my response to Emily, a deal has been reached in the Senate and will be voted on soon. The step after that is to make sure the House takes a vote. I think there are enough rational folks to pass it, but it needs to be brought to the vote. I believe the pressure on the Speaker will be enormous to take a vote. I give credit to this bipartisan Gang of 12, which includes seven female Senators. That is very telling to me and hopefully they can show others the way to govern. I have just started reading “Tip and the Gipper” about how Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan were good friends, as well as adversaries, politically. So, they would put their idealogical differences aside to govern. Thanks for writing, BTG

      • Yay. The more rational heads prevailed. I was not counting the chickens until they were all hatched. Here are few remarks from around the globe that we need to remind folks of:

        “IMF managing director Christine Lagarde welcomed the deal but said the shaky American economy needs more stable long-term finances. The deal only permits the Treasury to borrow normally through Feb. 7 and fund the government through Jan. 15.

        The Tokyo stock market, the region’s heavyweight, gained as much as 1.1 percent Thursday (after the deal was approved and signed). Markets in South Korea, Australia and Southeast Asia also gained.

        Earlier, China’s official Xinhua News Agency had accused Washington of jeopardizing other countries’ dollar-denominated assets. It called for ‘building a de-Americanized world,’ though analysts say global financial markets have few alternatives to the dollar for trading and U.S. government debt for holding reserves.

        In Israel, a key American ally in the Middle East, commentators said the fight hurt America’s overall image. ‘There is no doubt that damage was done here to the image of American economic stability,’ Israel’s economic envoy to Washington, Eli Groner, told Israel’s Army Radio. ‘It’s not good for the financial markets, not in the United States and not around the world.'”

        The next time someone brings up that it would have been OK not to pay our bills, ask them if they truly understand what they are advocating with folks around the world saying the above. And, just to illustrate this point further, Brazil had some major building initiatives around their growth, Olympics, etc. and they looked to financing from China, Dubai and other non-American sources, so don’t think the world does not notice our dysfunction. With that said, we do need to deal with our deficit (and debt issues) and hopefully the Dec 13 report by the bi-partisan committee will be fruitful.

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