Land of Hope and Dreams – Springsteen Classic

Like with other artists, I have yet to write one post to summarize Bruce Springsteen songs. His passion and lyrics about subject matters that touch us all makes it hard to limit them to a few. So, I have written occasional reference posts to “American Skin (41 Shots)” and “The River” geared to discuss a subject matter. Given the season and the poverty problem we have in America and around the world, I felt the need to highlight another personal favorite of his called “Land of Hope and Dreams.” This song begs to be heard as his live versions exude the passion he has for the less fortunate and the disenfranchised, so please click on the link below.

Listen to the whole song, but the chorus makes the point loud and clear:

“This train carries saints and sinners, this train carries losers and winners, this train carries whores and gamblers, this train carries lost souls.”

We are an imperfect lot. We are all fixer uppers. We are prone to mistakes and make them. We make decisions to survive and feed our loved ones, that we may not make in times of plenty. We should not think we are better than someone based on where and to whom we were born. We should not think our imperfections go away when we become pious. We should try to do the right thing and treat others with respect and dignity, as we would want from them. We should do our best to walk in their shoes.

There is a movie out I want to see called “The Book Thief” about a young girl in Nazi Germany. A summary of the movie caught my attention. It noted there were many Germans who did not like what was going on with the Nazis, but did nothing to stop it. They were good people like many in the world, yet they saw and let liberty die at the hand of the Nazis. They may not have known about Dachau and Auschwitz, yet they saw their Jewish and educated friends of all religions taken away. I mention this example, as we have a tendency to make self-preservation decisions that we may not be proud of nor would not dream of making in other circumstances. So, we are all saints and sinners to varying degrees. If you don’t believe me, the Christian bible says there has been only one perfect man on earth and we know what we did to him.

If you know the song, please enjoy it with me. If you don’t, you are in for a ride with The Boss. Give people a break and try to understand what they may have been through.

11 thoughts on “Land of Hope and Dreams – Springsteen Classic

  1. Recently read THE MOST interesting article on The Boss in Rolling Stone. His European concerts go on past the hours because, as he says himself, Europeans are there to sing all the songs and join in the magic of the music, whereas US concert goers (for the most part) are there to be entertained. A massive difference. Which affirms your view point of joining in regardless of “make or model” as opposed to watching from the sidelines. His brand new song to be released in February (I could be wrong on date) speaks of….today and how a better tomorrow is possible. Only if…..
    I do so enjoy your music/artist reviews. We like alike!

    • Thanks Raye. I have three CDs of his in my car that I rotate. They go from Blinded by the Light all the way to Trapped. Usually on long road trips by myself, I end up hoarse from singing along. I appreciate your comments on the music reviews. I enjoy writing them. What are some of your favorite Boss’ songs? All the best, BTG

  2. Hey! I’ll do three of my faves: GLORY DAYS, MY HOMETOWN and my most (well one of my most) rock ’til you dead drop songs…FIRE. Reminds me of my high school days and my first real (not fake) boyfriend…and his car. Don’t over think this, BTG…please. Grinning…..

    • Maybe it reminded you of said boyfriend in the car. Did he look like Bruce? Isn’t it funny how certain songs take you back to certain periods? Sometimes, it is overplayed bad songs that do that. There was a period in the 1970s when the music of the day was less than good. Some would say The Eagles “Hotel California” saved 70’s music which had gone downhill the few years before. I remember Boston’s first album was during the middle of that time and it started the journey back. We were going from bad disco music (there was good disco, too) to punk rock (where people who could not play well, played loudly) to Urban Cowboy where we were Looking for Love in all the wrong places. I liked some of the songs, but for the most part there was a dearth of great music. Sorry for the tangent.

      • No…talk about good/bad disco music. THE BEEGEES!! For the life of me I can not NOT do the John Travolta “dance” when I hear “Stayin’ Alive”. And…we are talking about dancing with finger pointing in air in some pretty public places where dancing is frowned upon…middle of the street? Yep!
        Laughing at that particular memory…traffic stopper.
        Oh my…..!

  3. It is interesting that many Americans can find no sympathy, can not understand how the German citizenry could quietly aside as Jews, Gypsies, and misfits were marched off to ghettos and ovens. And yet many of those same American’s think nothing about their own responsibility toward starving people here in our own country, right now. I know, no one is marching the starving off to an oven…but is watching people die of despair and starvation any more acceptable?

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