Another hero has left us – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has died in peace at the age of 95. One of the true heroes of many, Mandela helped forge a new South Africa and, in so doing, showed how leadership should be done. It is a lesson Mohammed Morsi should have followed when he won the Presidency in Egypt. If he had followed Mandela’s inclusive governance, he might still be in power. Attached is an excellent summary of “Seven Ways Nelson Mandela changed South Africa.”

Instead of punishing white South Africans for the years of apartheid, when elected he made sure that he galvanized all South Africans toward a common purpose. In so doing, he created a new South Africa which brought two cultures together. The movie “Invictus” is an excellent example of how he made sure that the South African rugby team continued to flourish and be an example to others. Had he failed to bring his country together, South Africa would be unrecognizable to what it looks like today and might resemble other African countries in constant turmoil.

Mandela belongs with an elite group of humanitarians and civil rights leaders. People who fought for the impoverished and the disenfranchised: Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce, Susan B. Anthony, Francis of Assisi and Abraham Lincoln are several heroes who fought for others. At great risk, they stood up against bigger and well-entrenched obstacles as they fought for the rights and dignity of people. I recognize there are others who have done wonderful things over periods of time, but I wanted to highlight these important few.

I am hopeful that we all take the opportunity to celebrate the life and wisdom of Mandela. He did so much for more than just South Africa. We are better place for his life work and example.

3 thoughts on “Another hero has left us – Nelson Mandela

  1. It seems Mandela embodied the spirit people ascribe to Jesus. It seems almost fitting that he has died at this time when a large portion of the world supposedly has Christ on forefront of their minds. Perhaps the impact of his loss might cause Christians to actually think about the meaning of the holiday they are so capitally celebrating.

    • Linda, I was listening to NPR yesterday and a woman who teaches religion noted that the large part of the bible is about helping your neighbors, with a small part on sexual preference. So, we end up talking about the latter issue way too much. I was thinking about Pope Francis, who may be the most crucial world leader around these issues we have today. Maybe, he can lead the charge to help others. Thanks, BTG

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