Good night Marjorie (and other funny misunderstandings)

The other night as my wife and I settled in for our slumber, I said “good night, mon cheri.” To which she responded, “who is Marjorie?” not hearing my last two words correctly. We could not stop giggling, as it was so funny. Earlier, I wrote a post about misunderstood song lyrics called “Did Parsley Save Rosemary in Time?” Here is link, if interested:, so misunderstandings are not limited to our household.

I started thinking about those times we have been misunderstood. I remember when my two boys were little, for some reason they mistook the word “sassy” for “sexy.” They thought they were being so devilish when they described something as “sassy.” After a few weeks of this, I asked them what they meant and, once informed, I debated on whether to burst their bubble. Since they would use it with their friends around as well, I decided I should correct their misuse. So, I sat them down and told them while “sassy” is neat word with several meanings, the word they were looking for was “sexy.” They appreciated the heads-up and I did not need to worry.

All of my kids have a good sense of humor, which comes in handy. I try to tell them how I have messed up, so that they know it is OK to laugh at yourself and move on. My daughter defends herself well with two older brothers. The other night, one of my sons, who has a gift for languages and will use words that none of us knows, described something at the dinner table with such a word. My daughter looked at him and said “bless you” as what he said sounded like a sneeze, in retrospect. However, saying it immediately, made it so very funny and the alleged sneezing brother took the humor well.

I have written about this before, but when our children were small, we used two sisters who lived next door as baby sitters . One night, when the younger sister was baby sitting, one of our two children (at the time) had a melt down and she called her Dad over to put the other to bed. Our oldest kept telling him “I need Jesus” as the Dad tried to put him to bed. So, he knelt down and prayed bedside with him. “No, I need Jesus” my son said after the prayer. So, he sang a lullaby hymn. “No, I need Jesus,” my son said and pointed at the outlet. The Dad saw that my son was pointing at a night-light that had a Jesus lamp cover my mother-in-law gave us.

Last month, my brother-in-law and his wife were over for Thanksgiving with a large gathering. They had given us a picture a few years before which we liked so much, we had it framed and hung in our den area. They had visited before after we had hung the picture, but this time he must have really noticed the picture. Standing with his wife, my daughter and one son, he starting raving over how much he loved that picture, not realizing that he had picked it out. His wife was in tears and my kids were smiling, when I surmised what was happening. Later, I asked my sister-in-law, “did (her husband) not remember he gave us the painting?” “No,” she said, “I think I will tease about it on the way home.”

Let me close, with another one of mine, which I have noted before. One of the places I worked was huge on wellness initiatives, in large part to my friend and colleague’s efforts. Back in 1995, she ran a very successful mobile mammogram program, that actually detected 11 cancers out of 11,000 screenings of our employees and spouses. In October, which in the US is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” we were discussing within a small group promoting these mobile mammograms . And, I added “after all it is Breast Awareness Month.” She noted, that would be “Breast CANCER Awareness Month.” We giggle about that to this day.

Please let me know some of your funny miscommunications in your house and workplace. I would love to hear them. Good night, Marjorie.

10 thoughts on “Good night Marjorie (and other funny misunderstandings)

  1. For some reason, the history of which was long lost, the small Postal branch where I worked for many years referred to large letters and magazines as “lush.” Technically, in Postalese these are called “flats.” It was always amusing to watch the faces of newcomers to the office, particularly if they were experienced transferees from some other office, as the guys conversed about their lush. (For many years I was the only female or one of 2 in this office.)

  2. I might have written about this before, but when my son was 3 or 4 years old, he got ona whyming kick…”Big rhymes with pig, cat rhymes with bat,” etc. One day he yells, “Corn rhymes with PORN!” His dad and I were shocked. “Where on earth did you hear that word? What does it mean?” He replies, “you know, mom…you PORN me a cup of milk this morning.” OH, past tense of “to POUR.” I still giggle about it nearly ten years later:)

    • Very funny. Thank goodness he had an innocent answer and was not overly precocious. You reminded me of a friend’s son who had an interesting way of pronouncing truck, which made for pauses in nearby adult conversation.

    • I was wondering if he had a lisp. I am typing more things wrong these days. I can edit comments on my site, but not on another’s. Have a great day. It is a wet one.

      By the way, my daughter was on a field trip your way and went to the “Underground Bakery.” Have you heard of it?

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