Wise advice from a mother to a daughter, but worthwhile for all

My friend Emily January who writes a blog called “The Bookshelf of Emily J.” is worth the read for anyone, but especially if you love books. Even if you have not read the book she is highlighting that day, you take away a great summary with her viewpoints that will lead you to pick up the book or leave you at least with a better understanding.

The link below is a terrific example of such, where Emily highlights the advice from a Zimbabwean mother to her daughter from the book “Zenzele, a letter for my daughter.” The sixteen pieces of advice that Emily highlights are quite profound. Whether you are a man or woman, poor or rich, Zimbabwean or some other nationality, these pieces of advice will echo inside you. You may do like I did and go back and read them again. Please enjoy and if you have not signed up to follow her blog, I would encourage you to do so. You will be better for it. Thanks Emily.


2 thoughts on “Wise advice from a mother to a daughter, but worthwhile for all

    • Emily, it is my pleasure. This particular post is a great window into your blog and I hope people take a peek and come back for future visits. I noticed Barney reblogged it as well, so if Barney likes something, I a know I am in good company. All the best, BTG

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