Just passed my seventh anniversary without a drink

People have reacted well to the post I published on my sixth anniversary of being alcohol free. Thank you. I hope it is helpful. I think the acknowledgement that I still want to have a drink resonates with some and surprises others just starting out on their quest. I think they are hoping the feeling would go away. It does subside, but it takes a day-to-day effort of saying “I am not going to drink today.”

Below is a link to the post. Please feel free to offer your comments or questions. I am just another imperfect person battling his impulses, which in my case, when I failed in the battle put me in bad place. I will shoot straight with you on what has helped me, much of what I included in the post. Best wishes on your quest. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy.




20 thoughts on “Just passed my seventh anniversary without a drink

  1. hey from a cybercafe i am not going to log onto wordpress to comment, as theres a good chance of virus and spammers getting into the accounts.. i am writing from inbox comment option.

    congratulations, that is so great, and by standing even taller, you are a true beacon in the  night for those who have taken those courageous steps.      i am heading to yesterdays post now.



  2. Well done, and milestones do count. I’ve been nicotine free for about 23 years, and for the first 15 or so, the craving was there almost all the time. I counted one day at a time, and eventually got myself to the point where the count was so high, that I couldn’t face having to start over.

    I’m proud of you!

  3. Stopping drinking takes incredible strength, both personally and socially. It’s impressive that you can manage social events OK. I remember going to someone’s home with my ex, a recovering alcoholic. The hosts asked if he wanted a drink. When he said no, they opened a beer and put it in his hand. I was always surprised by how many people would try to talk him into a drink, at various occasions like work events and family reunions. “What, you don’t drink? How about just one?” I think a lot of people don’t recognize alcoholism because they have a stereotype of “skid row drunks.” Their friends and co-workers are not like “those people”! Bravo to you, BTG, for 7 years.

    • Thanks for your support. At first it was difficult to be around drinking, now it more than fine. O’Douls non-alcoholic beer and tonic water diminished questions at parties or after work drinks. It’s funny in business, meeting people for a cup of coffee late in the day is more preferable now than drinks after work. Best wishes, BTG

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