A few basic truisms

In our omnipresent world of marketing, whether the product being pitched is one you eat, use, drive, invest in, finance with or vote for, spin-doctoring is also ever-present. Precious few things are as good as advertised, so we often need to step back and look at what is being pitched with a more jaundiced or skeptical point of view. You could call it a “you don’t really have to buy anything” perspective. So, some basic truisms will help frame the context on whether to believe what you are being marketed.

– Very few things in life are really free.

– You will fail at something. The key is getting back up after you are knocked down.

– Talk is cheap. Actions matter. What did you do?

– The less the commercial talks about the product usually means it is not very good.

– The value to your buying something is inversely related to the fervor and frequency in which it is pitched.

– The reason women’s fashion changes is to get you to buy annually a new seasonal wardrobe.

– You can tell when a politician is lying. His or her lips are moving. Unfortunately, this is more true than it is not.

– Politicians are hoping you are not paying attention. Hypocrisies can easily be found and you really don’t have to look that hard.

– Since it takes so much money to get elected, do not be surprised when a politician makes decisions that benefit a favored few.

– I would listen less to the opinion of people who have vested interest in any decision. This is especially true when they are feeding you their data.

– A community or country’s freedoms is directly related to the freedom of its press.

– There are very few 100% communication problems. It takes two people to communicate and it rarely is one person’s total fault.

– If every where you worked has been a problematic environment, please remember you are the lone constant in the equation.

– It is harder to find excellent customer service in any service industry. You have to be the navigator of your own customer service. Help them help you.

– A community’s greatness is measured on its capacity to help those less fortunate. A great man said this.

– An old Chinese proverb is “women hold up half of the sky.” A community will flourish if it treats all citizens well regardless of gender.

– Religion is generally a good thing, but remember it is at its best when it is inclusive and at its worst when it excludes. If the practitioners of your religion look to divide and demonize, you may want to look elsewhere for those who heed the last lesson below from someone whose words can be found in all religions.

– No one is perfect. Remember, there has been only one perfect person who walked the earth and we killed him.

– But, do remember that person’s words. Treat others like you want to be treated and things will work out better for all of us.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your reaction to the above or any other truisms you have experienced.




11 thoughts on “A few basic truisms

  1. I love these! I learn so much from you. Some of your ideas reminded me of a book I read this summer called Selling Culture by Richard Ohmann. One of the main ideas is this: “People interpret the content of the media through values and beliefs already held, through patterns of life well established in family and community, and through the mediation of personal influences (by a respected neighbor, fellow worker, and so on). Mass culture reflects, or expresses, or at most reinforces the core values of a society; it plays a part in shaping the consensus around which society coheres” (p. 41).

    • Thanks Emily. Great reference. You could add that people tend to watch or read “news” they want to hear to reinforce preconceived opinions. I appreciate your thoughts and views as you dress up my musings. Best regards, BTG

  2. Great ideas, but just one observation. Freedom of a country is in DIRECT proportion to its freedom of the press. They are directly related, not inversely related.

    Well done

    • Barney, thanks for the catch. I could not decide whether to speak using a double negative or the positive and obviously typed it incorrectly. When I saw your comment, I knew I had erred. It has been corrected. Thanks the editing, BTG

  3. Note to Readers: A few more truisms that came to me:

    – You have two ears and one mouth; they should be used in that proportion.

    – Intolerant people require more tolerance from others in dealing with him/ her

    – Overbearing people do not realize they are overbearing. They just lean into you until some small final straw breaks the camel’s back. When you finally push back, they will invariably say “What did I do?” looking only at the small slight and not the mountain of overbearance.

  4. I agree with some of those. The more a company advertises a product they have to either charge more or sell more in order to cover that expense. The product itself might actually have value, or actually be needed.

    • Roseylinn, good comment. I did not want to imply that marketing products equates with no value. I guess my point is if you focus less on the product, there may be a reason. I appreciate your perspective. BTG

    • Judy, excellent words of wisdom and true in so many areas. I was thinking the other day how songs that become popular aren’t the ones you listen to twenty years later, as a simple example. Hope all is well down-under. BTG

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