Not being from Kentucky, I would love to see this upset

I have written several times before that I find Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as two of the main culprits in our gridlock in Washington. I would add about 30 conservative members of House to the mix along with Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Ted Cruz who have held America as hostage. Yet, while Boehner’s seat is likely safe, McConnell is getting all that he could want from Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

She is a very formidable candidate and McConnell’s ratings are poor. But, McConnell is running against the President and not Grimes in his campaigning. As I noted in earlier posts, while the President is not perfect, he is not getting a fair shake with the GOP painting him with a negative brush more than he deserves. Given where the rest of the world is and the obstinance with the GOP in Congress, including McConnell, Obama has steered the economy pretty well and has nothing of which to be ashamed. Plus, while Obamacare polls poorly in Kentucky, the state health plan called Kynect is polling well. The irony is they are the same thing. Obama and Obamacare names are wielded as weapons without people looking beneath the hood to see that Obamacare is Kynect.

I have seen Grimes speak several times and she is her own person. She is pro Kentucky, while McConnell has shown his stripes as being a blocker. I would love to see Kentucky citizens send a strong message to the establishment and send another formidable woman to the Senate. To be frank, we need more voices of reason and it should not be lost on anyone that it took a group of women senators last fall to break the government shutdown started by these obstinant members of Congress.

Go get him, Secretary Grimes. You can do it and it would be wonderful if you did. The Senator is long over due to be shown the door.

13 thoughts on “Not being from Kentucky, I would love to see this upset

  1. I share your sentiments about McConnell and would love to see the voters of KY show him the door. I believe if Grimes had campaigned better, her ratings would be higher, but I do hope that the polls are wrong.

    I do not share your sentiments about Obama. He is being unfairly attacked as you note. But since when is politics fair? And if he were a better President, he would have overrun the obstacles and found a means to succeed. Instead, he continues to give flowery speeches, even through the election, and then let others do the work. Why hasn’t he been campaigning 24/7 on the benefits of Obamacare? on the growing economy? Does the “professor” expect that all Americans will just go home and do our homework? The dems are and always have been a splintered party, and this year is no exception. So if McConnell wins, I do believe that the Dems need to look in the mirror for the cause of their loss.

    But thats just my take…

    • Barney, I cannot disagree with the poor campaigning and lack of salesmanship on ideas and solutions. The Dems have let the GOP frame the arguments and have been defensive, oftentimes when they did not need to be. BTG

    • I hope there is a good turnout. I just wish folks would take the time to be more informed and not be swayed by campaign rhetoric which often does not resemble the truth. You would think that making people aware that Kynect and Obamacare are the same thing in KY would make them feel like politicians who did not like Obamacare are being devious. It may get back to the cognitive dissonance issue, when people are confronted with the truth, they will still believe the lie told them by someone they have listened to or watched for years.

  2. Note to Readers: I should have added this to my post, but I believe Eric Cantor not winning his primary in the spring was a sign of the backlash against Washington. Cantor was one of the blockers and not an enabler of compromise. I do have a worry that some of the compromisers that are left might get thrown out with the bathwater. Mary Landriieu and Kay Hagan are two moderate Democrats that may get ousted and that would be a shame. Plus, I believe we need more women and not less, as the male point of view is well represented and we need compromisers and not zero-sum politicians (I must win and you must lose).

    • Thanks for sharing. This is very well said. This is one reason I watch the BBC World News America as it provides a much needed outside looking in perspective, which is lost on most Americans who do not pay attention or care to vote.

    • Toby, interesting reading. Timing is funny. Yesterday, Boehner and McConnell announced that they will seek to repeal Obamacare on the same day McKinsey Center for US Healthcare Reform (this a huge business consultant) noted that median ACA premium increases will only be 4%. Note this is after the news from Gallup on reduction in numbers of uninsureds, the CBO saying future medical cost increases are being dampened by ACA and, this one did not get much press – Invesco, Credit Suisse and Charles Schwab improved favorability on US Treasury Bonds due to the dampened medical cost increase projections from the CBO. Thanks for your comments, BTG

      • Boehner and McChinless are dumb and their voters are even dumber. they get what they deserve I guess. yes, waste some more time and tax payer money to try and repeal ACA AGAIN!! how many times is it now? good grief. it’s much too late now since it’s actually working the way it was intended, and even better than intended. will be interesting to see what happens in 2016…..2 more years of getting not a damn thing done. oh yay…..

      • Toby, hopefully they will work to find some common ground and pass some things. However, with a fractured GOP with some extremes still there, they will battle a lot amongst themselves. The saner heads won’t want to overreach. We have seen this play out here in NC, with the some very poor actions that led to Moral Monday protests. I do think we will see one more repeal effort of ACA to placate the party extremists and then move to changes to the law, which are welcome to make it less complex. Yet, it is working pretty well per a number of measures. Finally, we should have more committee meetings on things like Benghazi, etc. Have a great weekend, BTG

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