Travel safely and happy Thanksgiving

It looks like my youngest son will be traveling through some rain and snow as he ventures home from college. We have been watching the weather and it looks like he may get through early enough, but we will keep our fingers crossed. Unfortunately earlier options are not possible given the flights of students going home.

I wish for everyone who is traveling or has loved ones or friends who are traveling to do so safely and without too much disruption. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it means fellowship with friends and families. To me, it is offensive that end of year holiday sales will ramp up on that day for some. I will take my usual pass on Black Friday and wish shoppers happy hunting.

I would encourage all to take the time Thursday to remember the ones who are no longer at the table. Tell stories about your fathers, mothers, uncles, grandparents, etc. who have passed away. Think of a few conversation starters to get the stories flowing. “Do you remember the time….” will work just fine in this regard. We will have several siblings of my wife at the table, so we will have many perspectives on family history. It is interesting how much is learned each year by all.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of my grandmother, whom we called Big Mama. Although she had the same name as the matriarch in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” my mother’s mother was not a mouse like the character in the play and movie. She was a character and had a lot of character. She would have stood up to Burl Ives’ Big Daddy in the movie version. She was the second youngest of a family of eleven kids, so she had to fend for herself with older brother and sisters.

Tomorrow, I will begin cutting up celery and onions as my wife makes Big Mama’s “egg bread” before we make her dressing on Thanksgiving day. Egg bread is cornbread with a few more eggs in it than normal. And, as any southern cook knows, you make your corn bread and only your corn bread in a certain iron skillet. Now, my wife tells me we will be using vegetable stock (rather than chicken stock) with the dressing this year for my traveling son and other vegetarians. Even my grandmother would go out of her way to welcome people, so she would be OK with this digression. To her, family is what it is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you do not celebrate such in your country, please think good thoughts about your lost loved ones and fellowship with others. Take care.

16 thoughts on “Travel safely and happy Thanksgiving

  1. Big Mama? Only the super cool could wear that name! I love her already, and I’ve only just heard of her egg bread! More stories to come, I hope. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, as your loved ones gather around you. I love this holiday!

    • Thanks VG. She was a trip. When I once asked if I could sit in her chair, she said, “they are all my chairs, but you can sit in that one.” You have a blessed one as well. Take care, BTG

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, BYG!! We’ll be on a snowy road heading for the Twin Cities and dinner with our older son and his family. Let’s hope everyone, including your don of course, arrives healthy and happy!

    • Indeed it is. Plus, my son asked if he could have his gang over on Friday night which which we love, as we miss the fun, chaos and laughter. Have a great rest of your year.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, BTG:) This year we have omnivores, vegans, and vegetarians coming to dinner. It is a challenge coming up with dishes we can all enjoy, but I like challenges!

    • You have a crowd of different tastes. I was thinking of that faux Christmas Carol where a mother had fun with the many cooking styles thrust upon her. Have a great time.

  4. Note to Readers: Traveling safely means even more this holiday with all of the snow on the east coast. My son’s second flight is still on-time, but if they delay it won’t be a surprise. Maybe he can get out of Dodge (or Philadelphia in this case) before it really comes down. Take care and be patient, one in and all.

    Update – my son made it through Philly before it got too bad. Funny, I was checking online and the flight said it was delayed after being ready for take off. As I was looking for updates, my son texted and said we landed. What? So, I had to boogie onto the airport, which is thirty minutes away. Fortunately, he did not have to wait to long, as he checked a bag and had to claim it. Family is all here, laughing and giggling abounds with siblings.

  5. Note to Readers: We will be returning to chicken stock on Big Mama’s dressing next year. It was good with the vegetable stock, but was lacking. Since I ate a lot of it for the next five days, I figure I should make it the usual way.

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