I would do it again says former VP

The subject of the use of torture by the CIA continues to get debate, as it should. Of course, those who had a hand in it, don’t want them sullied by the use of the vile word “torture” and would rather euphemistically call it “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Our former Vice President who played a key role said he would do it again to keep Americans safe.

As mentioned in my last post, I have never been a fan of the use of torture, as you lose the moral ground very quickly. If our country is to lay claim to exceptionalism, it may want to listen to someone who was tortured, Senator John McCain, than someone who sanctioned the torturing. The argument for it is torturing gains the torturer more information than less onerous means, but that evidence does not seem to be borne out by the study or supported by war crimes experts. Plus, there is an element of CYA going on when you speak with someone who did the deed.

Yet, are we really safer? To me the answer is no, as we now have tens of thousands and multiple generations of terrorists that despise us, when back at the time of 9/11, al Qaeda numbered only 200 people. Yes, there were other terrorist groups, but suppose we took the higher road. We would have been safer as the numbers would likely be fewer who are out to harm us.

However, the last person we should listen to on these issues is the former Vice President. He said he would do it over again, but would also do the following again:

– would he help invent the story of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that led to the invasion of Iraq, where al Qaeda was not present,

– would he ignore the advice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to go in with more troops to secure the country (this later became the surge after many years),

– would he send our troops into battle with inferior equipment that cost lives,

– would he rely on the counsel of less than trust worthy advisors in the Middle East, which was the subject of later scrutiny,

– would he send in too few speakers of the various languages as our advisors, so as to avoid smoke being blown at us when we asked questions,

– would he fire the Iraqi police force, who later abetted the efforts ISIS and could have been allies to squelch fighting?

4,000 Americans died over there, so far. Many more of our allies died. Even more Iraqis, Afghanis, and others died. My thesis if we are going to send our troops into harms way, then we better support them and we better have a good reason other than unfound WMDs. As to do otherwise is a disservice to our country, our troops and their families.

So, excuse me for not giving much credence to what you would do over again. Your track record is not very good on these issues. If I had the choice to do over again, I would vote for Al Gore for President. And, make no mistake, it is torture no matter what you call it.

7 thoughts on “I would do it again says former VP

    • Thanks Hugh. The fact that people have little or no memory of this and it was only 12 years ago is disturbing. I debated whether to throw in his favor to the fracking industry from whence he came to not subject them to the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water acts, but decided it was off topic.

  1. For the life of me I can’t understand how this despicable man continues to get air time, and the legitimate naysayers to torture and it non-productivity don’t get a moments time to counterbalance his lies. Both he and Karl Rove spoke this weekend of the “medical necessity” of rectal feeding, yet there is no such procedure, and the colon has no lining with which to absorb food. So “Doctors Cheney and Rove” get to speak with authority, and those with authority, are kept mum.

    This just convinces me that the media has no interest in producing truth or factual stories, just an interest in selling advertising.

    Great post, and like you always say, maybe by continuing to speak out, we can somehow get the message across.

    • Between Cheney and Rove, you have two voices that are heard much too often. Rove should have gone to jail for admitting after the fact knowing what caused Scooter Libby to jail. Cheney has had a heavy hand in leading to the death of Americans and yet is perceived with gravitas by some.

      • Isn’t this all about the double standard you have been discussing — there is justice for the wealthy white guys (read: ignore it) and justice for the poor, black folks (bang, you’re dead)? I don’t see anything n the horizon that might alter this condition. It appears to be deep set in our social system, since the wealthy continue to pull the strings of power and the poor just try to keep their collective heads above water.

      • Hugh, you raise a great point. You have an old white guy who has been in power, so if he stays around past the memory of his bad image, he can come back. If you look the part, then you get immediate credibility. Someone needs to be around to remind people, as memory here last about three months, if someone was paying attention in the first place. I was thinking this morning how few Americans know the budget machinations and what got included at the last. Thanks for your comments. BTG

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