Happy holidays, travel safely and tread lightly

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and safe travels. With lower gas prices, more people will be driving, so take your time, expect delays and put on some good music. I will be traveling up and down I-95 before year-end and I know, at least in one direction, we will hit huge waits, so we will likely take some back roads on occasion. We call this the Florida Bowl Game effect which adds to visiting retired relatives in balmier climates.

Please do enjoy your time with family, friends and football. If dinner table subjects take you into directions that are risky such as religion and politics, plan diversion topics to drop in the conversation. “Enough of that stuff, do you remember when Uncle John did the toast and fell off the chair?” you might ask. Or, “Remember when Sarah complimented the painting she forgot she gave you?” you could tease.

If religious conversation does continue, tread lightly. Here are few universal truths. “You know I read that almost every religious text has some form of the Golden Rule. You know if everyone practiced what we preached, then many of our troubles could be minimized.”

If the conversation gets stuck on politics, you could make a universal point such as “Politicians should be like golfers or NASCAR racers and wear the logos of their sponsors on their clothes. That way we will know why they vote the way they do.” Or, you might say “Neither party can lay claim to all of the right ideas, so from my view, they need to work together.”

To any universal comment you could add a tongue-in-cheek comment to embellish, “But, what do I know, that is just my view?”  A final diffuser could be if someone goes on and on about a pundit, politician, or  personality, you could use my friend Ed’s priceless closer, “Of all the people in the world, he (or she) is certainly one of them.”

Happy holidays, drive safely and tread lightly.

12 thoughts on “Happy holidays, travel safely and tread lightly

  1. Note to Readers: I have read several posts where authors have noted the passing of loved ones or the loved ones of friends during the holiday season. My heart goes out to each of you and your families and friends. We learned over the weekend, my brother-in-law lost his mother suddenly due to a stroke. While I only met her once, she was loved greatly by many, including my wife’s sister and her children. Our niece and nephew briefly lived with them and hold them even more dear. So, since she relished in Christmas and taught this love to my niece, we will spend tomorrow at my niece’s house with her mother, before they all fly out Friday to join my brother-in-law and their dad/ husband for the funeral. Peace be with you.

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