New Year’s resolutions I can keep

It is that time of year to say farewell to an old year and welcome a new one. I am not too keen on making resolutions, as they usually don’t last too long into the year. They are not unlike the sand castle virtues I wrote about in my previous post. So, with that in mind, what are some resolutions that I can keep alive in 2015?

– I resolve to remain imperfect. I will do my best to mitigate the impact of my imperfections, but they will shine through.

– I resolve to try to maintain my weight. I am good at trying to do this and sometimes I am successful. It is the sustainability of that success that usually gets me.

– I resolve to lose more of my hair. Look at it this way, I am just gaining face and visible scalp. Maybe I will invest in Coppertone stock.

– I resolve to retell stories I have told several times before. And, when I ask my kids if I told them that before, they will say only five or six times.

– I resolve to try to stay married for my 30th anniversary. Thank goodness my wife has a good sense of humor, otherwise we may not have made it to ten.

– I resolve to treat others like I want to be treated. I will fail on occasion, but know that I will feel badly when I do and apologize when I can.

– I resolve to continue to focus on the issues of the day and not who is winning a political game. I will do my best to give a needed voice to the disenfranchised, as they tend to get lost in far too many political calculations.

– I resolve to love my kids and my wife. That is the easiest resolution to make.

So, I think I can keep the above. But, I did note my resolution to remain imperfect. So, we will see. Let me know some of yours. Have a safe New Year’s celebration and a wonderful 2015.

28 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions I can keep

  1. I LOVE this list. It is just perfect. It captures human nature but also the will and the drive to do better while accepting reality. Thanks for sharing and for allowing me to be gentler on myself through your example.

    • Thanks. I think half the battle is knowing what you don’t know. It makes me less afraid to admit my imperfections. I have enjoyed your comments. Thanks for adding them to the mix.

      • Funny, co-incidence, “what I don’t know” somewhere in my blog file is “about” (I can’t seem to find it recently) — Those are the first words I started with.

      • Lee, I can’t find more and more things. Maybe I should resolve to lose things and find a few of them. Thanks for your comment, BTG

  2. Let me count the ways, BTG, that I support you in all your imperfections and attempts at keeping the status at quo. Looking forward to a plethora (I just love that word!) of more uplifting notes and optimistic outcomes from your view of the view. Facts…just the facts. With humour. Bring on 2015.
    My best to you and yours, Raye

    • Raye, many thanks my friend. Plethora is an abundantly excellent word. I will endeavor to do my best Jack Webb in 2015. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. BTG

  3. Note to Readers: My children and nieces and nephews seem to like my resolution to remain imperfect the best. Retelling the same stories gets smiles. My kids have tended to listen more to stories where we messed up, as they see it is OK to laugh at yourself. Happy New Year folks with condolences to Alabama and Florida State football fans.

  4. Fabuloso! Each one of these rings true and I do believe I will “borrow” your first resolution. Have you ever heard the expression “The perfect is the enemy of the good”? I also think your resolutions could be new “commandments”.

    • Many thanks. I have heard that one. I like George Patton’s practical comment – in battle, a good plan today will beat a perfect plan tomorrow. Everyone wants perfection in people, politicians, legislation, when it is not attainable.

  5. Note to Readers: I should have added a fervent hope to my list of resolutions and that is all the repairs going on around my house get done without any difficulties. We are replacing an old roof, addressing an A/C heating issue beneath the house (which should be taken care of just now – knock on wood), along with a couple of other repairs that are soon to be remedied. Plus, I hope my mother’s water damage repairs are all behind her, as they were finishing while we visited. If you own any home, but especially older ones, you will have water issues at some point. It is just a fact of life. And, a wish for all, may all your water problems be small ones and discovered early.

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