She said yes

She said yes. I proposed thirty Valentine’s Days ago and the answer was yes. It still is. We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary later this year and will be empty nesters to boot. We will not know how to act sans children under the roof. We will miss them greatly as they are away at college and working, but we will actually be able to do more impromptu escapades.

My wife still is the “girl who holds the world in a paper cup” the wonderful phrase coined in “Danny’s Song.” People would describe her as genuine. She is that and more. She is a great listener and our kids feel comfortable telling her things that they may not with another mother. If she has a fault it is being there too much for others, sometimes making their problems, hers. Sometimes, she attracts people who need an audience having worn out all their other audiences. This can wear her down on occasion.

Yet, she has good friends who she relishes being around. She loves her lunches with the girls and they will be out for hours. I am sure the waiter will be looking at his watch when they are having a fun lunch. My old school friends and their wives love her as well. When we get together when I return home, we have been known to have three-hour lunches catching up, laughing and crying over old stories.

We yin and yang well together. She is easily the best half of the family and makes me a better person. We are imperfect people and parents, but we tend to be consistent with our conversations with our children discussing who needs to nudge or ask a question. We have had a wonderful journey together so far and look forward to the next chapter. She said yes. Yay, for our team.

22 thoughts on “She said yes

      • Thanks BTG, this year’s summer is a mighty fine one. Real life has been extremely distracting over the last few months which has meant little time for creativity. Hoping to stop being distracted soon. Hope winter is not treating you too badly. I have to tell you I ended up driving through Dallas peak hour traffic and made it out alive 🙂 Pushed so many boundaries whilst over your way.

      • Judy, thanks for the update. I am glad your summer is going well, even though life is preventing you from writing. Our winter has been fine. Snow and ice today, but our friends in the Northeast are getting hammered by snow and more snow. Driving in Dallas is interesting. It is a free way city and people like to depress their gas pedals. Take care, my friend, BTG

  1. Your wife sounds like a wonderful partner, mother, and friend. I am so glad she said yes:) Having a perfect match makes the empty nest years better, I am sure.

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