The end of the beginning

My daughter just completed her senior graduation project in high school last week and the melancholy of her last few months of high school is kicking in. In August, she will be off to college, so we will be officially empty nesters. We are so very excited for her as we were (and are still)  for her brothers, when they headed off. But, this is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning.

People have said many times that it is interesting to see the change in relationship as their children grow more into adulthood. I totally see this with our oldest son and am seeing this with our youngest son. While it is a journey upward and onward, there are moments when they make child-like errors in judgment. We all do, but they are more in number at this age. Boys take a little longer than girls to make that journey, but we take pride in more adult conversations that we are having with our children.

Our girl has equipped herself with a keen sense of humor and an ability to get along with many. While we could have done many things better, our children share their friends, so our youngest is more mature due to such interaction. She also carries a passion for doing the right thing and standing up for others and the environment. She does not appreciate showing teachers disrespect for the sake of juvenile enjoyment.

She is a neat young woman and we are quite proud of her. We are looking forward to her taking flight and will be there when the need arises. Yet, this is her story to write. It is only the end of the beginning. There is much more story left.

It will also give my wife and me the chance to do things for us. As parents, we are forever planning around events, classes, schedules, etc. It will be quite lovely to do a sudden day trip or take a long weekend. Or, go on a longer vacation. We will be able to date more, which oftentimes is killed because of being tired or busy. So, it is our new beginning, as well.

15 thoughts on “The end of the beginning

  1. Very fine post! We had two sons who left the nest and while it was a bit traumatic because we love them so much, they needed to try their wings. They have both done well and we are very proud, as you are of your kids. It will give you time together, though at first it will seem very quiet and a bit empty. Take care.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter, and to you and your wife as well in raising her! This must be a bittersweet time for you. I was thinking last night about how when my daughter was 3 months old, we would joke about wishing she would hurry up and go to college. Now we never want her to leave and it will be hard to let go when that day comes.

  3. ahhh… I ate this like a very hungry soul. I tried to slow down, to savor every word. I feel genuinely satisfied…and ever so thankful for this…soul food.

    I feel a bit wilted today. The spring rains are beautiful, but this valley is often under silver clouds. Yes, that’s it: I’m under silver clouds today…

    I feel like I’m on an endurance run… I’m in desperate need of a new vision to get that twinkle back in my eyes.

    I sooo appreciate this post.

    • Lucky indeed. We did enough things right to counterbalance the ones we could have done better with. But, we are indeed blessed with how they have and are developing. Thanks, BTG

  4. I can relate to what Emily said up there. but ours started when we returned from Spain in 2011 and said “let’s retire there”. but first, kidlet needs to go to college. At first she was a bit shocked that we’d leave her but, really, she is the one that will leave first, wherever that ends up being. and now she has accepted it so…

    congrats on raising three wonderful kids who I’m sure will be productive when they’re out of college. yes, it will be an adjustment when your daughter goes to college but, as you say, you have much to look forward to too.

  5. Very well done. You should be very proud. And BTW, we bought a cuckoo clock to add some noise to the sudden quiet.

    • Thanks. A cuckoo clock adds color and sound. We bought ourselves a grandfather clock (from a company going out of business) for our anniversary 7 years ago and love it. Take care. BTG

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