My boomer lane has been bumpy, but still worth the ride

Our friend Renee writes a consistently humorous blog called “Life in the Boomer Lane.” She ranges from “tongue-in-cheek” to “call them as she sees them” humor and her blog is very much worth the read, even if you are not living life in the boomer lane. She has a range of followers, including a number of men, who will actively wade in with comments, even when our gender is being scrutinized in a painful manner. An example of this is evidenced in a link to her latest post is below.

Beneath her humor, her posts cause genuine reflection, laughter and melancholy from her readers. As one of her constant readers, I find myself often in this boat as I look back on my life thus far, complete with great moments and a few which could have been better or I could have acted better. Being a guy, we are prone to do and have done foolish and, even, irresponsible things. Hopefully, I have learned the hard lessons and will avoid them in the future, but I do reserve the right to be a dumb ass on occasion. I think we all need a hall pass every once in a while. Now, though, I recognize my poor behavior and will sincerely regret and apologize for my deficiencies. I guess that is what being a grown-up is all about.

For the most part, I have lived a life of trying to do the right thing. That was ingrained in me early on by my parents, especially my mother. Also, since I was invited by a friend to begin helping people in need dating back to 1999, it has made me realize how fortunate I have been and how opportunities do not exist for many in our country. Or, how when people are down and out, the chances to climb out of the hole, sometimes can be challenging. They need to climb the ladder, but we need to make sure that ladder exists for them and that the steps are not greased.

Yet, I have hurt people’s feelings, as well, just as we all have done. A single guy in his early twenties is prone to shun involvement and I did some of that. As quid pro quo, I have had my heart broken a few times, as well. Fortunately, that ended when I met my wife and we eventually married when we were twenty-six. We have been together for going on 30 years, so she has been able to put up with my faults and help me improve the ones she can. I look back on some of my previous relationships noting where I was less than a gentleman or where I could have and should have tried harder. Again, I guess that is what being a grown-up is all about.

So, I have been a fixer upper all of my life. I have made mistakes, but for the most part have tried to stay on a good path forward. I wish I could re-write some of that history, but it may have changed the wonderful person I have been married to for these 30 years and the wonderful children and family we have together. It is not unlike my favorite Star Trek episode “The City on the Edge of Forever,” where Dr. McCoy goes back in time and his actions negate the existence of the Enterprise and change the future. So, my life in the boomer lane is a good one. It is an imperfect, but wonderful ride. And, we still have plenty of daylight to drive on some more and enjoy the view.


19 thoughts on “My boomer lane has been bumpy, but still worth the ride

  1. You are so right; we all have regrets and wish we could go back – if we could return with the wisdom we now have and change a few choices.. yet if we did, we’d have new life stories and might have missed some amazing chapters… i am grateful to those difficult lessons, which have formed me into a stronger person and hopefully a much-more sensitive one when it comes to others.

    thanks for the link… am heading there now!

    • Z, thanks. You say it very well. Those difficult lessons have shaped me in becoming a stronger and more sensitive person, as well. I liken it to Warren Buffett’s comment “I succeed because I have failed.” I guess the “do-over” would be to tell someone “I am sorry” or “I screwed up a good thing.” Not necessarily (or only) to ask for forgiveness, but to let them know you learned from the experience and would handle it differently today. I hope you enjoy Renee’s blog. Have a great weekend. BTG

  2. Note to Readers: My daughter and I were singing to Kodachrome by Paul Simon this afternoon in the car. And, she asked me what Kodachrome is. After I explained, she said now it makes total sense. I noted to An Exacting Life, how we need not explain as much context to other boomers. This was a good example. My daughter loved the song, even without knowing what Kodachrome is. Now, she will love it even more.

    This reminded me of some other context. Like the ruckus Bob Dylan created when he switched to electric guitar. Or, the reason Chevy Chase fell to start the Saturday Night Live show was the result of President Ford stumbling/ falling a few times. Or, when everyone thought Paul McCartney was dead from the clues of the Abbey Road album cover. Or, where we were when Nixon resigned, the Challenger exploded, MLK, JFK and RFK were assassinated or when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Or, when the Berlin Wall fell or during June 4, 1989 at Tiananmen Square in Beijing when the young Chinese man stared down a tank. Or, when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and Voters Rights Act.

    We boomers are not perfect, but we have lived a period of time with many historical, cultural and societal changes. As Billy Joel sang, we didn’t start the fire…..but we saw it burning. Let’s keep on trucking.

  3. The boomers are quickly losing to the millenniums. Its time to pass the baton, as painful as that may be, and allow others to take up the causes. But in all honesty, I think we can all agree that its been a great run!

    • We need the millennials help, but we should stay on the track and run, maybe at a slower pace. I think we need more than a few to roll this ball of civil liberty and fairness uphill.

  4. Love this post and I will definitely check out Life In The Boomer Lane, it sounds like it’s right up my alley.
    There have been many pot holes on my journey, but without them I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all I do today.

    • Lisa, I love your use of pot holes in keeping with the theme. That is an apt description of what life throws at us. I think you will like Renee’s blog. Thanks for stopping by. BTG

  5. Very good,
    Recently, a young lady attempted to start a conversation. I had not thought up a philosophy till that moment.
    “do it well, do it right, do it once so you don’t have to do it twice”

    Noted the songs and memories: Billy Joel mentioned an old black man living under an interstate highway running through his back yard. (very few affluent neighborhoods were destroyed, just a guess?)
    Nixon resigned: A religious minister and his sidekick made a trip to Washington to have a talk with him. Please don’t resign, I’ve told all my congregation you were chosen by God to lead our country. UGH, now I’ll have to tell them God made a mistake!
    Soon after that, his church died, thanks God.

      • Of course, near the top of this list of mistakes made. My hand goes up.
        The minister made several, like going to Nursing Homes and trying to get elderly near death to deed their properties to the Church. He tried to get my Dad to let the Church run his farm. A scam oil well, on and on. I noticed he had on a Zoot Suit some Sundays. Hmmh- chuckle.

      • Interesting. I have an old saying, just because someone is man of God, doesn’t mean he cannot be full of it. It is usually replaced by a four letter word including those letters.

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