Just a typical day in the news – shootings abound

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding recent headlines on various shooting deaths that had appeared in recent press. The post can be accessed with the link below to “And the band played on as more people are shot.” In that post, I referenced that you could test my theory and pick up any paper on any day and count the number of gun deaths. So, with that in mind, here are domestic gun related headlines from the March 31, 2015 edition of The Charlotte Observer.

– 2 arrested after firing shots at Waffle House

– Man charged in Anson killing

– Mistaken identity murder case goes to jury

– Man charged after boy 8, shoots friend

– Officers named in Gaston County shooting

– Robbery suspect demands his charges be dropped (this relates to a slain couple)

– Youth group invites peers to discuss suicide

The above includes six stories about gun deaths in a metro area that counts about 2 million people. The last story is not specifically about a gun death, but I included it as it is trying to prevent gun deaths. With the significant abundance of gun deaths in America related to suicide, prevention has to be a part of the equation. It noted that “More than 1 out of seven Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school students said they had seriously considered a suicide attempt in the past 12 months…according to a recent Youth Risk Behavior Study.” With homes owning a gun having 3x the rate of suicide as homes without a gun, this is should be alarming to parents.

Test my theory with your own paper. Pick a day and count the gun stories. Better still, track them over a week or month. The end result is we have to do a better job of gun stewardship and governance. For politicians who say certain changes will not solve our gun death problem, the answer is neither will doing nothing.


5 thoughts on “Just a typical day in the news – shootings abound

    • It is amazingly easy to get a gun here. There was a study of how a 14 year old went to several stores and was denied cigarettes then alcohol, but was able to buy a rifle.

    • Lisa, you are right it is an epidemic, but sadly there are far too many that do not view it as such. The solution is legislators who are willing to take a stand against an industry prepared to make that person fail. Thanks for your comments. BTG

  1. Note to Readers: My wife picked up a magazine called “Gardens and Guns.” Why may I ask are the two mixed? What is next “Needlepoint and Rifles?” My first reaction is the sellers don’t want to miss a potential market. “Don’t let those nasty rabbits eat your lettuce, blast ’em to hell.”

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