38 days is all it takes for an election

The British do it right. Where we in the United States spend almost two years and multiple billions of dollars running an election for President, the British conduct an election for Prime Minister in 38 days. That is not a misprint.

In America, we spend an inordinate amount of time and money on commercials that are meant to diffuse and confuse a significantly uninformed public. So, we really do not get to a better answer, just a more expensive one. It is sadly comical here in the states, where campaign rhetoric (which is a nice term for BS) is embellished beyond the points of untruth, so that no one really knows the truth anymore. Very few know that candidates have changed positions or why they did. I firmly believe if you only told the truth as a candidate it would be a like a lost sock in the wash. It would be hard to discern. But, the candidate still should try to be truthful and we should pay attention.

In Great Britain, a series of debates on topics are set-up. With such a focused effort on important issues, it is my understanding more Brits pay attention. I am sure arguments exist it is more about how the candidate comes across rather than his or her points of view, but I just appreciate the focus of time and energy. I also appreciate that no candidate can spend US$2 Billion in 38 days. In the US, we need the news diversion of candidates and elections. News stations started talking about the 2016 Presidential election in January, 2015, with some even before then. In America, we don’t like to discuss issues unless they can be boiled down to news nuggets to create conflict.

Our election process is badly broken in America. It costs far too much money and the Supreme Court made it easier for “dark money” to fund candidates. Dark money is as evil as it sounds, where an oligarchy funds the candidates they want us to vote for. So, our supposed senior-most judiciary declared it was OK to buy an election. I recognize fully this simplifies the process too much, but it is arguable, the candidates we choose stand a better chance of winning if heavily backed.

The final problem with our election process is the campaign rhetoric never stops. Instead of setting aside the BS to govern, the BS runs full-time. Of course, Republicans are against the President on any issue, as they cannot be seen as “weak” and agree with the man. The opposite would hold true I am sure. Yet, neither side is armed with all of the good ideas and some are armed with poor ones. So, to adamantly disagree with someone all the time is inappropriate and flat wrong in most cases.

So, kudos to the Brits. Even if they end up with a poor result, at least it only took 38 days and the money saved could be spent on more important things than providing more opportunities to embellish the truth. And, in the immortal words of former Senator Jon Kyl when caught telling an untruth he said, “Please do not confuse what I say with the truth.” Which in American or British English means the same thing – I am lying. Sir, we knew that already. How? Because your lips were moving.


8 thoughts on “38 days is all it takes for an election

  1. It would be refreshing if we did it this way! Election season is inherently annoying, but it also makes all one’s friends, family, and acquaintances act like lunatics on social media.

    • Very true on all counts. My wife shows me some interesting Facebook links and comments that make you wonder about sources of information and do people really believe this stuff they are echoing. Thanks for stopping by, BTG

    • Agreed. We are so far away from the election and our memories are so short. People forget the poor governance and positions that change during the primary to general election. Doing this would allow the parties to bring forward their best candidate, plus it would give other party candidates more credence and opportunity. Thanks for your comments.

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