I am the new Yogi Bear

My wife has been after me for many months to go with her to a Yoga class, as she wanted a workout buddy. So, for her birthday, the kids and I bought her two mats and two trial memberships (ten trips) to a local Yoga salon. Now, I try to stretch every morning, but was not even close to being prepared for the new muscles I found through stretching at Yoga. Indeed, it is quite the workout. Did I say my body is sore?

We have now done two classes, one heated and one not. The heated one brought on an undesired level of perspiration, so we will probably continue on sans the extra heat. My wife said it was harder to breathe with the heat, but they may have been due to the extra pollen we seem to be getting with climate change. Our city was already a top ten pollen city with all of our trees, but it seems much worse the last six years.

So, at 6’5″ and 250 pounds, I am the big old Yogi Bear in the back of the Yoga class. There is truly no place to hide at my size. The poundage is the target of my class attendance. We work out toward the back, as balancing on one foot for a length of time has been problematic. Rather than be a falling Sequoia, I use the wall to put my hand on to stop the teetering. We do not want any of our fellow stretchers to think or shout timber which would be followed by a crash.

I do tip my hat to the instructors. They have been patient and helpful, as have been our fellow Yoga classmates. They already know from their own experience that we are doing our best to ape their moves during the seventy-five minute class. That is another reason we sit in the back, to watch our classmates. So, the second class was easier than the first, and we hope the third class will be easier than the second. Being workout buddies, we will do our best to Yoga it up twice a week, with the stretching in-between.

So, wish this Yogi Bear well. My wife said please do not call her Boo Boo. She just might hit you with one of her sore arms. Old Yogi would have a hard time lifting his as well. Did I tell you I was sore?

27 thoughts on “I am the new Yogi Bear

  1. This is so fun, and funny! Yes, yoga will remind you of muscles you didn’t know you had. But how cool is it that you and your sweetheart are doing this together? I would skip the heat too. 🙂

  2. Been there, done that. I finally had to give it up when it became clearly obvious that I didnt have the stamina to do most of the moves. Thankfully, my better half still attends and is doing great. More power to you.

  3. Awesome! No demerits for checking disaster by touching the wall for support. Everyone starts somewhere and the rehab room is a lousy place for a start! Good luck to you. (I think the whole notion of hot Yoga is an oxymoron.;-)

  4. It took me more than 2 lessons to decide I wanted to stick with the yoga, so you are already more committed than I was at the beginning. Now, close to ten years later, I am really grateful I stayed with it. Better posture, better balance, better breathing. Hurray for Yoga Bear!

  5. Haha, thanks for the chuckle. Yoga is excellent for your body and mind, but I agree it’s a challenge. As with most things, it gets easier the more you do it:)

  6. Note to Readers: We made it through Round Three of Yoga. We did a routine called “Deep Stretch” and yes we did that. We actually felt pretty good afterwards, yet this stretching started some lingering aches later on. Yet, the third time was less achy that the second which was less achy than the first. What should not be a surprise is the wide range of ages in the sessions – I am not the oldest. The other item which should not be a surprise is that everyone else is fairly trim, so my wife and I have are on the right track in our mission. We just have to do the hard part and keep on showing up. I told my son about a bar doing “Beer and Yoga” which to me is a great idea. Plus, if you are a young man, I can assure you the other gender will dominate the roster. Of course, in my case, the women are saying can you believe that big tall guy is here doing these stretches, as I am often the only male or one of a very small few in the mix?

    Yoga is pretty neat as the stretching, breathing and being in tune with your body is essential. It also focuses on opening up different key muscle groups that support the back, hips, shoulders, ankles and wrists as well as arms and legs. As my body ages, this can only help. I am reminded of the famous basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who used to be the only player stretching before each game on the court. Since he played until he was age 40, by the end of his career almost all players were stretching.

  7. Note to Readers: We are now up to six Yoga sessions. Traveling and errands have limited our efforts to once per week. That means we will hurt more afterwards (and during). It is funny, I stretch every morning for ten minutes with variations of calisthenics, Pilates and Yoga. but it still does not fully prepare me for 75 minutes of Yoga. We need to settle into our groove, as we are approaching the end of our ten lesson trial period. If it is once a week. more stretching in-between will be necessary. On the whole, it has been great – it is a wonderful workout, it has taught me the benefit of stretching in new ways, it helps with breathing, it helps with balance and it allows us to meet new people.

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