Random musings while the birds are chirping

It is nice to arise to the birds chirping on a beautiful Saturday morning. This is one of the benefits of having a couple of bird feeders, although we have had some tall Blackbirds fending away the Cardinals, Finches, etc. In no particular order, here are some random thoughts while the birds chirp.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers tomorrow. Also for those who lost their mothers, it is melancholy time to reflect. My mother is 83 and is at the early stages of Dementia. We are testing for Alzheimer’s later this month, but she has her moments of confusion and loss for words. Being a teacher, this is harder for her as she has always been quite the wordsmith and communicator. I am going to venture down to see her tomorrow.

The Kindness Blog, which is a compilation of authors works on being kind to one another, has a great post on not trying to be more than you are or to be great, just be a better version of you. http://kindnessblog.com/2015/05/08/maybe-we-just-need-to-be-better-by-karen-pearce/. If you don’t follow this blog, you should consider it as it will highlight the many good things happening in the world to contrast against the bad. Since I have been taking a Yoga class, this could sum up what they try to teach – be a better version of yourself.

We need more politicians to act like adults, especially when something very childish happens. You may have heard in Texas, the Governor has asked his militia to shadow the national militia as a person with an extreme bent has put on his website that the federal government is doing an exercise in preparation to takeover Texas. Rather than being adult and asking “why would our federal government want to do that?” he gave credence to the craziness and matched its inanity. Several politicians running for President from Texas and beyond, also had varying degrees of reactions that gave some credence to something that is not feasible. One conservative State representative did call the Governor out for wasting time, resources and raising fear. We have enough real problems in the world without having to invent fantasy ones.

I saw a great story on NBC News about two female physics students at UCLA who are riding bicycles across the country to teach interesting physics lessons to middle school girls. At each stop, they show the girls how to build a toy solar powered bike and watch it run. They encourage the girls to follow their dreams, that they can do anything and science is cool. The women met in class as they were outliers in a room of men. I think this is about as cool a summer project as you can find.

So, to sum up, remember your mother, be a better version of yourself, act like an adult to silence fear mongering, and teach children to find and follow their passions.



10 thoughts on “Random musings while the birds are chirping

  1. Note to Readers: My daughter is attending her final prom tonight with several friends. She is so excited and looks beautiful. The group will be coming back here before parent curfews obligate them to leave. We can’t wait to see her and her friends, many of whom we know.

  2. i enjoyed reading this this morning, but the pge did not load completely until just now. really sweet post, nd i enjoyed listening to the birds with you!

    i’ve not seen hugh’s online presence, though i’ve been in about a ten-day fog… is he takinig a sabbatical?

    • Z, thanks for hearing the birds. Of course, the colors are not as vibrant as the ones your way. I don’t know about Hugh’s where abouts. He may be taking a few days off. BTG

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