The missing joy of Saturday morning cartoons

Maybe it is because I am now age 56 and my kids are no longer little, but there seems to be something missing in the lives of children. With endless cartoons 24×7, the joy of watching them has been diffused, so that Saturday mornings are now somewhat lacking. If you were like my siblings and me, we arose early on Saturday to a morning of cartoons, which seemed extra special. Our parents would know what we were doing and would sleep in, as they knew these opportunities occurred only once a week.

Our Saturday mornings would actually start sans cartoons with an eye-opening episode of “Our Gang” complete with Darla, Alfalfa, Froggy and Spanky. I was keen on “Archie,” which was titillating for a young adolescent boy, as we would pretend we were in high school along with Archie, Veronica and Betty. “Scooby Doo” was always a thrill and we would pull for little old me, “Underdog,” to fight the bad guys.

Yet, my favorite cartoon bar none, was “Jonny Quest.” I loved this show and felt so very worldly watching Jonny, Hadji, Race and Doctor Quest travel to foreign lands and end up fighting the evil that found them. Of course, who can forget Bandit. I also was found of the “Bill Cosby and Kids” show, which was wonderful. Even though my memory of him is now tainted, he is and was a great comedian. “Superman” and “The Lone Ranger” were also two that I enjoyed, but they were more throw ins compared to the others.

This is also where “Schoolhouse Rock” was created. Seeing those little snippets on the hour was marvelous. We always regretted not switching the channel in time, if we one of our shows was not on ABC. Yet, we did buy the whole series on DVD for our kids, so we no linger miss “Unpack your Adjectives” or “Figure 8.”

What were some of your favorites? Also, were you allowed to have a bowl of cereal in front of the TV and what was in the bowl? Did you have a favorite “Schoolhouse Rock” song?

20 thoughts on “The missing joy of Saturday morning cartoons

  1. Yesterday a woman gave me her email address and it was none other than wallygator@whatever. That opened up a conversation of all our favorite cartoons! It was such fun reminiscing about these classics. The mailman & FedEx guy were both Speed Racer fans
    I loved School House Rock!! My favorite was Bill who was so sad sitting on the steps of the Capital trying desperately to become a law. I always felt sad for Bill.

    • Lisa, Speed Racer what fun. Also, remember the theme Tom Slick. Bill was one of my favorites as well, of course, he may be even more lonely these days. Thanks for the memories. BTG

  2. Spot on observation! Cartoons used to be SPECIAL! My favorite Saturday morning cartoon was always Bugs Bunny & Friends. I would squeal when “What’s Opera, Doc” came on!

    My favorite Schoolhouse Rock is “Conjunction Junction”!

    Great post!

    • Can’t miss Bugs. Was that line from the Figaro opera with Bugs and Elmer Fudd? Conjunction Junction, what’s that function? Also, a classic. See Life with the Top Down’s favorite, as well. Thanks for stopping by, BTG

    • Thanks. Good choices. I think I watched less of Rocky and Bullwinkle as it conflicted with another one I liked. The dilemmas of cartoon watching – good choices on at the same time.

  3. Loved Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs, Hong Kong Fooey, and Scooby Doo. My cereal bowl probably had Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, or weirdly, Grape Nuts in it.

    • Well, it’s a long, long journey
      To the capital city
      It’s a long, long wait
      While I’m sitting in committee
      But I know I’ll be a law someday
      At least I hope and pray that I will
      But today I am still just a bill..

      My favorite Schoolhouse Rock!

    • Thanks. Yes, the Grape Nuts seems to be the outlier. I loved Cap’n Crunch, as well, but you had to be careful not to eat too big a spoonful, as it would scratch the upper side of your mouth. Thanks for commenting, BTG

  4. My Saturday mornings were just like yours. My parents would buy one box of “sweet cereal” for Saturday mornings – Froot Loops or Alphabits were the favourites! I liked Underdog, Spider Man and Rocky and Bullwinkle (and Peabody and Sherman). Also loved the Sam Sheepdog episodes on Bugs Bunny!

    • Sam the Sheepdog – I loved those. Clocking in and out of work, then trying to steal the sheep, while Sam defended them. What was the name of the wolf? The Alphabits were good, but you had to eat them fast to avoid sogginess. Remember the Fruit Loops and the colored milk after you ate them?

  5. Oh, gosh! I thought I was the only person who missed the cartoons!!! That was my Saturday morning (well into my 30’s but don’t tell anyone!) It kept me centered, oddly enough. I could look forward to simply ‘being’ – curled up on the couch in my jammies with coffee and something really bad for me to eat, watching cartoons and pretending the world outside wasn’t outside….

    Let’s see – Rocky and Bullwinkle, of course. Josie and the Pussycats (but that got old fairly quickly) The Gruesomes, Looney Tunes (Taz was my favorite), Scooby Doo, Fat Alfred. Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Top Cat and Underdog. So many cartoons I watched! 😉

    • Your secret is safe with me. Josie and the Pussycats, now there is one I had forgotten about. I am not sure I am aware of The Gruesomes, unless I forgot the name of the show. Is that a more recent one? Thanks for sharing your excitement.

      • 1964. They were actually a part of the Flintstones – their next door neighbors. I remember liking them, had forgotten that they were part of the FS’s and not a show of their own! Blush… LOL

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