Happy Independence Day Early

Best wishes all on a festive, but important anniversary in our US history. A few reminders to all, including my family, friends, and me.

– Don’t drink and drive – it is a bad idea anyway, but many police officers will be doing road checks looking for overly imbibed drivers.

– Along these same lines, remember alcohol, testosterone, and fireworks do not mix very well, so please leave the lighting to those who are more coherent.

– Stay hydrated if outside. So easy to forget, so easy to fix.

– Drive safely as many of us will be on the road. If you can read my bumper stickers, you are too close, unless we are at a traffic stop. And, the trucker sticker is true – if you can’t see his/ her mirrors, he/ she cannot see you.

– Remember the sunscreen song that began and ended its many lessons with advice to lather up when you go out – this is particularly true if drinking is involved, as a drunk lobster of a person is not at his/ her best (and will be in pain tomorrow).

– Keep an adult or older teen eye on kids around water. It only takes a few seconds. If you have folks to your pool, lake, river, etc. for a swim, make sure all can as hosts can get caught up in the event.

– Remember to hug loved ones close when you leave. It only takes a few seconds and means so much to both hugger/ huggee.

Finally, let’s remember the true meaning of July 4. It celebrates our freedoms. So, remember your freedoms are as important, as my freedoms. Not more or less. That is what we fought for and our history has been one of making sure that is true for all. Happy 4th of July!!!



16 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day Early

  1. Note to Readers: My son made me proud saying he was not going to imbibe at his pool party until after the fire works are lit. He has listened over the years to me wife who had a cousin that blew off his hand with fireworks after drinking.

  2. Note to Readers: I would be remiss if I did not wish our women’s football (soccer) team well in the World Cup match tomorrow night. It is nice to see the focus on women’s sports in the limelight for a change.

    • We are indeed. Lots of young folks over eating burgers and hot dogs, finished off with homemade banana pudding. It has been a good day with fireworks ahead. Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. ‘Don’t drink and drive..” My elementary art students often cracked up laughign when i said, “Don’t drink and draw.’ I was serious – somoene would always spill something on a good work of art.
    Hope your holiday weekend was a good one. Z

    • I love it. Don’t drink and draw. By the way, an intoxicated guy decided it would be great to shoot fireworks off his head. He was killed instantly. Do you recall the Darwin Awards? This person unfortunately will be a candidate.

      • You are right, yet my wife said he may have been goaded into it. My son was upset with some of his friends, who were throwing some firecrackers at each others’ feet. Alcohol, testosterone and fireworks….

      • well everyone present and thousands who heard of it have learned thru his tragic example… one, too much alcohol is never funny.. two, there are serious side effects from poor judgment b/co of excessive drinking.

  4. Z, apparently the young man who shot fireworks off his head as his final act, had friends who pleaded with him not to do this. Yet, another person died in Austin, a 30 year old, who tried to shoot fireworks off his chest. Apparently, these deaths happen with some frequency. BTG

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