A few things to consider about the Iran deal

I am by no means an expert, but I want to ask our leaders to consider a few points about the Iran nuclear deal, after they finish beating on their chests and saying all the political things. Whether it passes muster in our Congress or not, a few things that should be thought about are as follows:

First, we are not the only country involved in signing this agreement. Our allies Germany, France and England did so well. And, Russia and China were involved. So, if we decide to not approve the agreement, we may stand alone.

Second, the President, Secretary of State and their counterparts should get a lot of credit for having these conversations, much less coming to an agreement. We have not had discussion of this nature with Iran in over 30 years, so their diplomatic feat should be applauded at a minimum. Getting a reasonable deal is commendable.

Third, the median age in Iran is age 35. That means half of its population is younger and is aching for a better economy and ties to the western world. We have a chance to win or lose another generation of Iranis. We have a chance to break down many barriers to future interaction. Or, we can continue to be an enemy and all that entails.

Fourth, what would happen otherwise is the question that must be asked. Iran would continue to do what it was in pursuing a nuclear bomb. They may even still under the vest. Yet, we have some governance with the deal we would not otherwise have. I understand the fears of Netanyahu, but he has been banging this drum for about ten years. It does not make the fears less, but I saw a Middle East expert note that Israel may benefit from a deal, because of more being out in the open.

I will leave it to the powers that be to say grace over this. Yet, I do think these points are important. One thing we should try to avoid are the “bomb Iran” crowd, as that would make matters worse and we would definitely lose that generation noted above.


3 thoughts on “A few things to consider about the Iran deal

  1. Very well said. The problem, I gather, is Israel. Discussion is always a better alternative than violence, but there are those who do not agree, many of them leaning sharply to the right in this country. Let’s hope they are unable to scuttle this agreement. It is a step in the right direction.

    • Thanks Hugh. Fear sells everywhere. Netanyahu used it well in the last election. Yet, in his case the downside risk is not a stretch, but unlikely. I do think we are better off with an agreement than not and this one has many merits, even with some flaws.

  2. Note to Readers: I read two pieces this morning. One is about how France, Germany and England are looking forward to increased trade with Iran given market opportunities. If the US does not lift sanctions, they would miss out. The other is about how a former intelligence leader in Israel who echoed the ten year deal would be good for Israel, better than the alternative of no control. He did say the inspections needed to have practical merit.

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