The mouth that roared

When you dig yourself a hole, the best advice is to stop digging. We have a Presidential candidate who seems to be unable to learn this lesson. He does not realize his major character flaw is his mouth won’t stop talking, so he is destined to repeat this process over and over again,

Coupled with an unhealthy self-esteem and a heavy dose of petulance, and you have a recipe for a prima donna, not a president. He will likely stay in the race, as being told that it is time to drop out would not sit well with that large ego.

Yet, based on this past weekend’s events where he made very inappropriate remarks about a war hero, his chances of winning went from slim to none. In other words, you can stick a fork in him, because he is done.

14 thoughts on “The mouth that roared

    • Lisa, the irony is the longer he stays in the race, the worse it is for the GOP. He sucks all the air out of the room, so the other candidates do not have a platform to speak. This weekend was a good example of that. A reasonable candidate like Ohio Governor John Kasich does not stand a chance, as a result. Thanks for the comment, BTG

  1. Oops, errant fingers… I’ve been enjoying watching the rest of the field react to what he says. The crazier he is, the higher his approval rates are (among the base) and the harder his rivals try to both distance themselves and out-crazy him at the same time. Good show!

    • I do that all the time with errant fingers. He is good copy for the news. The problem with his continuing is he knocks the more reasonable voices off the debate floor both physically, but also denying them air time. Thanks for your tandem comments,

  2. Note to Readers: There is a terrific article in the Florida Times-Union today on a fellow POW with Senator John McCain named Dick Stratton who retired to Jacksonville. McCain looked up to Stratton. Stratton notes that McCain’s healed bone breaks from his plane crash were rebroken at the “Hanoi Hilton” as the POW camp was termed, to get him to talk. McCain refused and suffered. This is what a hero looks like. For someone to be critical of a POW as not being a hero because they were captured is extremely poor form. For that someone to be running for President (who would command the military) is inexcusable.

  3. Note to Readers: Call me crazy, but it is pretty easy to claim you will do things, when you don’t provide any backing of how you will do it. Trump is going to bring all the jobs back from China and Japan and get rid of ISIS, but is short on details. On ISIS, he noted that he did not want to give his secret away. I recall Mitt Romney saying he was going to get the unemployment rate down below 6% by 2016. Right now, it is just above 5% and it is not 2016. And, remind me of the President’s name? You know the one who people say has wrecked our economy and is so awful.

  4. Note to Readers: Although it is taking time for the polls to recognize this, the comment that you can stick fork in Trump because he is done was true then and is still true. His willingness to insult any group or person that disagrees with him calling folks pathetic and/ or losers, will eventually be his undoing. He has already lost the veteran vote with his McCain comments coupled with how he escaped service. He has lost the majority of the Hispanic American vote. He is on the bottom end of an over/ under of women voters. You couple that with his lack of empathy for people he has wronged and there is pretty much no way he can be elected. He just does not know it yet.

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