A little bit of this and a little bit of that

TGIF for those who can still call it Friday and happy Weekend to our friends in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, etc. Just a few odds and ends to chew on for the week that was. Or, as the cooks would say about seasoning, “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

In America we have so many GOP politicians trying to garner attention away from The Donald, that they are making beyond crazy remarks. Maybe those who don’t want to look at real data and look at what is happening through a reasonable lens of eyeglasses might appreciate the middle-aged craziness, but those who stay in closer proximity to real news are not impressed by these remarks. I would ask these politicians to not try to “out-crazy” a man who is willing to say anything. The Donald will crash and burn as he is his own worst enemy, but he also has more baggage than a normal caravan could transport, which will eventually come out. Yet, he does make good copy for the media.

Our Congress just kicked than can down the road for the 34th time on the Highway Trust Fund, which funds needed infrastructure and road improvements. We have yet another stop-gap measure for three months. At least the Senate passed a three-year bill, but the House did not want to take it up, so they could take a month off from their ineffective job performance. You know, you get tired from pretending to govern for a few months. In short, our infrastructure is badly broken in terms of roads, bridges, ports and grids. These include railway bridges which were reported on “60 Minutes” that could go any day with 500 trains per day going over them. With interest rates low, we have had a window to borrow to maintain and build assets. Plus, there is no better jobs program, which as I recall is “the number one issue” per our Speaker. This is the same Speaker who did not want to take up a longer term fix.

When our Congress returns in a month do not expect great things, as we have some very important financial matters to vote on, including extending the debt ceiling. As you may recall, this is what caused Senator Ted Cruz to single-handedly shut down the government a couple of years ago, to the chagrin of the rest of the world who begged us not to go down this path. It took six female senators to reopen the government by making the deal. This is one reason we need more women in leadership, as men like Cruz like to play more win-lose politics and grandstand. It should be noted that the President had to cancel two global trade meetings in Asia-Pacific and Europe which promote trade because of Cruz. So, the shutdown put even more headwinds into our sails and the meetings were rescheduled with some additional cost.

While the economy, stock market and jobs numbers under this President have done pretty well over the past four years, and while he has been speaking to the real dangers of climate change and doing something about it, he has been disappointing in one major area to me. I am going to set aside transparency and use of drones and spying for now, as he has left a lot to be desired there. What I am speaking to is his cheerleading for fracking. This surprises Conservatives to hear this, but our President has been pro-fracking to the extent he has bifurcated the EPA. The EPA released a report noting the leakage of fracking into groundwater, but the press release noted the opposite. Since few folks read anymore, the press release was latched onto and used to show how safe fracking was (as an aside, it did not speak the vast use of water, the earthquakes, the air pollution or the environmental degradation). The press release was retracted on a Sunday after a Friday release, but the story was already out. This is not the first time that the White House has pressured the EPA to sand around the edges on their findings on fracking.

Well, that is enough grist for this mill. I don’t know if I helped your weekend with my little news report or not. Have a wondrous weekend.



5 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that

    • Me too. It was part of his all of the above strategy. Josh Fox (Gasland filmmaker) surprised Stuart Varney on Fox Business with that comment. It seemed Varney had a hard time reconciling cheering for fossil fuel while realizing that Obama was pro fracking.

  1. Note to Readers: With the falling oil prices, there are several good outcomes. More new fracking sites are being put off, as it is a more expensive exercise than existing sites and there is an oil glut. There is an expectation the glut will be worse when the Iran sanctions are lifted by the US and other countries. The cynic in me would question the real motivations of some US lawmakers on fighting the Iran deal – is it nuclear risk or oil? But that would be too cynical, right? Either way, the new normal for oil prices may be lower than hoped by the industry per a report on NPR last week.

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