Three global problems that require more action

My blogging friend George, who spends his time helping people as a missionary in Africa, defines the three greatest global problems as poverty, climate change and corruption. Pope Francis has echoed the first two, but the last one deserves priority as well. Per George, corruption affects everything.

Corruption diverts money to help the many to the pockets of the few. The poor do not receive the help needed and become even more disenfranchised. And, the disenfranchisement makes them susceptible to terrorists who take advantage of their plight.

Corruption also helps leaders look the other way on addressing climate change. The fossil fuel industry has too much to lose and are fighting a strong PR campaign and are funding many politicians to shout it down.

We need to address these three issues in the US and abroad. They affect so many other things. We could start with empowering women giving equal opportunity to half our population. We could start with living wages as a minimum. We could start with a realization that climate change is the problem it is. And, we could come down hard on graft, influence peddling and campaign finance laws. That would help plenty.







6 thoughts on “Three global problems that require more action

  1. You know where I stand oaths: overpopulation is THE major problem in the world and the root of all the other problems. It’s the elephant in the room and we make a huge mistake to continue to ignore it!

  2. Good again, worldwide, we the people are adjustable. Once in a while we attempt to search out crime and prosecute, should happen more.
    I read recently the Sun will cause some cooling around 2030, possibly a small ice age. WE are some responsible and must adjust and climate change has happened many times before. Recently I was in the Shawangunks and found the scratches along the tops of the rock ridges left by glaciers movements. We did not see it, but the record is in the rocks.

      • Note to Readers: National Geographic’s current issue has an excellent piece on Pope Francis. He also brings a sense of humor to the job. But, I was incorrect, he also notes corruption as a big issue standing in the way of addressing global problems.

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