Make America Hate Again

Kevin Siers is one of the more talented newspaper cartoonists. He has a very keen eye on skewering the hypocritical or inane. I think his cartoon this morning captures the essence of why America does not need The Donald as our President. A link to the cartoon is below.

Playing off his slogan of “Make America Great Again,” Siers takes The Donald’s policy paper on immigration which codifies his lack of heart and wisdom with respect to immigrants to the United States. The catchphrase is “Make America Hate Again.” Not only are his ideas unworkable and not seasoned with a lot of thought, he has gone beyond punishing illegal immigrants and will hurt immigrants who are here legally.

But, this is not his only “Make America Hate Again” position and will definitely not be his last. He wants to invade Iraq and take what he says is “our oil.” He is not keen on negotiating with Iran, so my guess is he will want to do something less diplomatically with them, maybe following the inane “Bomb Iran” banter. He also is quite confident in his abilities to make other nations suddenly hand us their keys. I find that not only brash, but terribly naïve. Just look into how he has ticked off the Scots over an offshore windmill project to get a sense of his arrogant and ineffective diplomatic style (see link below following cartoon).

Yet, it does not stop there. He has ticked off Veterans with his comments about Senator John McCain and how Trump escaped service. He has ticked off African-Americans with his criticism of the President regarding his birth certificate and transcripts. The birther issue was only kept alive to placate the bigoted base of the Republican Party who hates Obama because he happens to be half-Black. As a former Republican, I fault the leaders of the party for letting that BS go on for as long as it still does. And, he has offended women with his rude references that go beyond political incorrectness.

He has ticked off Hispanic Americans with his stance on immigration and now ill-fated policy statement, which is equally offensive. What is interesting to me is some of the other candidates have sided with The Donald on his immigration policy, at least in tenor. That is very indicting of them, so be mindful of who they are and check that on their negative ledger, as agreeing with The Donald is not necessarily a good thing.

All of these will add up to harm for his party and platform. It will be interesting to see his next policy statement. If he follows the lead of his immigration policy, it will be a beaut.

30 thoughts on “Make America Hate Again

  1. I read a careful study of the “Donald Effect” recently that claimed his influence is far less than we would be led to believe from the press. He is loud and his followers are loyal — but far less numerous then supposed. He will soon be yesterday’s news and politics will be back to business as usual….you know, same old, same old.

    • I agree that he will peak, but part of the issue, is there is not a lot of substance from the rest of the candidates and they do not speak to the issues. So, no GOP candidate says I am up to the task. Paul has stumbled badly and Bush is not demonstrating he is the smart brother with a very low bar. Kasich is the best GOP candidate, but my guess all along is they will gravitate to Rubio to appeal (at least appearance wise) to younger and Hispanic voters. Yet, he has a old GOP ideas. If he came out and said pass my bipartisan immigration bill that the Senate passed and climate change is real and man-influenced, he would garner more attention. He is running from his best success.

    • Not all of his followers are “loyal”. I ran into a man in the grocery store that liked Trump because he wasn’t a lawyer, and a few other reasons. When I politely told him that his description sounded like another candidate he seemed intrigued and said he would check them out. He genuinely sounded open to checking out and switching candidates so long as they fit his criteria.

  2. Some people say he is actually a Hillary supporter, running to make the Republicans look ridiculous and swing them far right. He has contributed to the Clintons in the past and supports universal healthcare, I’ve heard. Wouldn’t that be funny? But if he’s for real…nope. I can’t believe people SERIOUSLY think he is a good candidate.

  3. I think that everyone is taking the short sighted approach when it comes to Trump. Instead of taking him seriously on the short term, I think longer term, and basically, the destruction he can and will do to the Republican party. The goal is not to have another right winger in the WH in 2017, and as long as the Donald is representing the worst of the Repubs, then that is good for the left. The more disruption he can cause, and will continue to cause, the better. Lets face it, there is a lot of breadth when it comes to the republican bench, but there surely is no depth. I see it as the longer Trump keeps talking, saying what the other candidates feel but won’t say, the greater the realization that the Repubs are not the party of the future.

    So having said all that, I say, “Go Trump!!!”

  4. There appears to be a lack of mercy, reason, and compassion in Mr. Trump and his running mates. I’m not thrilled with their opponents either. The prospect of the upcoming election resulting in another close call or tie that results in weeks of indecision or a supreme court decision is dreadful. However, all that aside, I am more enthusiastic about Mr. Sanders as a candidate than any other I can recall. I hope he is able to raise the bar for other candidates (he actually answers questions and seems truthful!).

    • While Sanders is equated with Trump because of candor, that is where it stops. Bernie is discussing real problems and possible solutions. Trump wants to build a wall (actually and figuratively), bomb Iran, invade Iraq and diminish America’s standing in the world. I asked this on another blog, if we turn down the Iran deal, which was a seven country deal and has been endorsed by the UN, then bomb Iran, we will rightfully be viewed as a pariah and no better than Putin’s Russia.

    • I tend to agree that Sanders is the best candidate out there. But I worry that he has no credibility with the Congress and, if elected, would be unable to effect any of the changes he has pledged to make.

      • He at least would have the veterans on his side, as he fought for a $64 Billion package to help the VA which did not pass, then after the Phoenix VA debacle, Congress approved $16 Billion. This is how our legislators say “thank you for your service.”

  5. Just ran across this one. Why am I not surprised?
    Of course, I had to roll my eyes when he called immigrants “rapist” seeing as how Ivana alleged during their divorce proceedings that he raped her during their marriage – and his attorney’s answer? “Case law says that it isn’t rape if you are married!” Fucker.

    • Why would people take him seriously? He is a caricature of a real person. This man sues at the drop of a hat. Is he going to sue Angela Merkel or Chrisine Lagarde if they do not agree with him? If elected, he will turn America into a pariah and buffoon.

  6. Note to Readers: One of the sad state of affairs is the GOP slate of candidates are hinging their candidacy on a poor platform of issues. I have said before our issues are too complex to boil them into sound bites and listen to only your own voices. In so doing, the greater causes of problems are missed, so your solutions won’t be sufficient. The dilemma is The Donald is dictating policy and rather than showing where he is off base, a number of candidates are agreeing with them. The problem is most of The Donald’s ideas are off base, are the wrong priorities and make us look not only heartless as a nation, but show we don’t have a good grasp of the issues. Some of the stuff discussed, like invading Iran after we decline to support a seven nation negotiated, UN supported nuclear deal, would make us look like a pariah, not unlike Putin’s Russia. It is hard to argue the high ground from that position. And, The Donald cannot successfully sue Iran, Germany, France, China, Russia, which is his favorite thin-skinned ploy. He already sued Scotland over offshore wind mills and lost.

    • Note to Readers: Watching the commentary of Shields and Gerson on PBS Newshour tonight, they shared that just three years ago, The Donald took Mitt Romney to task over his voluntary deportment as mean-spirited. Now he is advocating forced deportation which is well beyond what he criticized Romney for. Gerson said Trump may harm the party for decades, if he is not countered.

  7. Note to Readers: As an update, it is disturbing to many that the front runners for the GOP nomination are offending about every group of people with outlandish comments. They are being called on the carpet by the groups, but the matter is well out of hand. This beast may be uncontrollable by party leaders as they are not too well thought of, as they fed and nourished this beast to garner votes.

    Ben Carson, who appears more reasonable given his soft spoken nature and being a surgeon, has offended about as many groups with some inane comments. He has joined Trump in offending Muslim Americans. He has offended gays saying they learn to be gay in prison. He has offended Jews for his attempted simplification of history about the holocaust. He has offended the parents of the mass shooting victims saying they should have rushed the shooter. And, since he is a doctor, he has offended me for prioritizing gun rights over the right to live. That is shameful.

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