Wallace, Warren and W

It is a day of alliteration to the W. Three random, but related thoughts have surfaced around this starting letter. Let’s begin with Wallace. No, not William Wallace, which would have been an added alliteration, but our old friend George Wallace, the former Governor of Alabama. You know, the one who persisted on keeping the ugly Jim Crow alive against the efforts of Martin Luther King to make it go away. The one who blocked the doorway of progress for African-American students, an excellent metaphor.

You see, in an effort to compliment The Donald on his recent trip to Wallace’s home state, a fervent fan offered that he liked Trump as he spoke the truth. He went on to add, Trump is a lot like George Wallace in that regard. I recognize fully the man meant this as a compliment, but I can think of no better metaphor in defining why The Donald should not be President. He is a lot like George Wallace with his hate speak.

Skipping to the W, as in George W. Bush, his brother is doing his best to rewrite history. Jeb is doing his darnedest to say W was a better President than he was and he had won the Iraqi war until President Obama screwed it up. Having hired some of W’s people have not helped in this regard, as it appears they want to whitewash their errors hoping we don’t have a memory. Unfortunately for Jeb, too many people remember how bad W was, as he was not invited to be physically in attendance at the last two GOP Conventions. As a sitting President, he had to be televised into the proceedings in 2008, which is a major insult.

The middle W is for Warren, Senator Elizabeth Warren, that is. As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to have credibility issues, which may not go away or be let to go away (think Benghazi), the Democrat leadership is getting a little antsy. Senator Bernie Sanders is doing terrifically well speaking plainly about the issues (he actually thinks before he speaks), yet many do not think he can carry the ball to the goal line. I personally do not think America is smart enough to elect Sanders, as many will never get past the word socialist as they do not know what it means. I love Vice President Joe Biden and he gets a bum rap with people looking for him to misspeak. He has been one of the most effective Vice Presidents we have had in recent memory. Yet, I don’t know if he can carry the ball all the way, either.

So, if Hillary stumbles, I think the party needs to go hat in hand to someone who would be a terrific President if she chose to run. And, that would be Elizabeth Warren. She brings the intellect and fight of Sanders to the fray, along with terrific debate skills, story and experience. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been a huge success for defrauded and aggressively marketed to consumers. She is the reason. Her favorite quote of mine when asked if she liked Wall Street. “I like Wall Street, I just don’t like cheating.”

Senator Warren, please reconsider. Even if Hillary prevails, it would be great to have two effective women candidates in the race. And, your party and America just might need you, as there is not an abundance of good ideas coming from the party with seventeen candidates.


12 thoughts on “Wallace, Warren and W

  1. I would vote for Clinton before any of the republicans (think supreme court nominations) but I’m not crazy about her. I keep hoping for someone brilliant and electable to swoop in but I fear anyone brilliant would be too smart to want to be president.

    • I think more than a few folks feel that way. I would add concern over climate change, environmental issues, Obamacare, and this bellicose attitude toward conflict abroad as to reasons for voting against the GOP candidate.

      • I like Warren, too. But I don’t think she’s been in Washington long enough to know where all the skeletons are buried. Hillary knows, but one wonders if she can get people to work together. Slim pikins, all in all.

      • Indeed it was. Now if she were to run with Biden as a possible V.P. that might be a good move. She could learn the ropes and then run on her own later on. No?

  2. Note to Readers: Next time someone says The Donald speaks the truth, please respectfully note that is his truth for today. Today’s truths do not often agree with yesterday’s truths and will likely not agree with tomorrow’s truths. As an example, three years ago he vilified Mitt Romney for his mean-spirited voluntary deportation plan. Now, he wants to forcefully deport.

  3. I’m glad Joe threw his hat in. I think he’ll be a better candidate than Hillary. Though I don’t think he’ll be a strong president. I just hope that the American people aren’t stupid enough to vote Trump into office or to be the front runner.

    • Long time before the primary voting. Trump has a lot more talking to do, yet the less opponents challenge him, they will be validating him more. They should be calling him on the carpet with some of his heartless and mindless rhetoric. Since his followers are low information voters, that is the only way to show his warts.

  4. Note to Readers: I went on Senator Warren’s website and asked her to reconsider running for President. Even if Hillary Clinton overcomes the credibility issue, having her in the race could only help America. Warren is a superb debater and her significant role in developing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has been hugely successful, would play well in Peoria and other places. If Joe Biden runs and it looks like he might, she would serve him well as a VP candidate. To me, I would rather her be the lead rather than the co-star. If you agree with me, please feel free to go on her site and make the same plea.

  5. Note to Readers: It was very interesting that Warren was present when Obama made his announcement today about paid sick leave for federal contractors. This is needed for the entire country and is a mantle Clinton, Sanders or Biden should take up. It is a real issue instead of a contrived or over-embellished one as being heard from the right.

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