Movies I cannot get enough of

My wife will walk through the room where I am watching television, observe and ask “how many times have you seen that?” The correct response is “not enough.” I have always enjoyed movies, but not all movies. I like plot and dialogue above all, but like action as well as conflict. I tend to shy away from the movies where the actors are dwarfed by these computer generated things, but that does not necessarily mean those movies are bad.

There are some movies I have seen over ten times. And, if it is on, unless there is a better option elsewhere, I will take a peek. The nice thing about movies you have seen is you can leave them at any time. Sometimes, I have seen the final two-thirds of a movie more than the start, so I will watch the starting one third and then stop. Yes, I know I am weird.

Top of mind, a few that fall into this category include:

  • The Dirty Dozen, a great movie with great actors like Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Donald Sutherland, Clint Walker, John Cassavettes, et al.
  • Casablanca, a movie that was not supposed to do well, but stands the test of time. It also has the most movie quotes in the top 100 list with six.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird, is a must see anytime, and is one of the few I own. Atticus Finch is such a hero to many and the father-children talks are wonderful.
  • Apollo 13, the tense movie about a successful failure with Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, and, of course, six degrees of Kevin Bacon, who is in many ensemble movies.
  • Diner, about young adults finding themselves in Baltimore, with Mickey Rourke, that Kevin guy again, Ellen Barkin, Daniel Stern and others.
  • The Last of the Mohicans, whose scenery, plot and action are matched by one of the best soundtracks ever made. Daniel-Day Lewis and Madelaine Stowe star, the latter of whom is breathtaking to me.
  • Witness for the Prosecution, a terrific English court movie with Charles Laughton playing the crusty old defense lawyer, also with Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power, where Dietrich steals the show.
  • Ben Hur, the best biblical based movie, starring Charleton Heston and some of the best actions scenes, that are well filmed and play a key role.
  • True Grit, the one with John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall and Kim Darby. Wayne is a crusty old drunk of a marshall, but the movie is about his relationship with the Darby who has as much grit.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral, I love this movie about good friends as the movie tracks them through these five events. Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell star, but the movie is more about all of the friends.

I have left off many from my list, but would love to hear your thoughts and movies that you must see over and over again. I tried to pick a eclectic mix of movies to start some conversation.

24 thoughts on “Movies I cannot get enough of

  1. The Stunt Man (1980) Peter O’Toole, Steve Railsback, and the handful, Barbara Hershey. Small budget, big fun, a play within the play while showing how the play is made.

    More than OK with your list ‘cepting the last one which I’ve never seen.


    • Quite funny. I liked that movie me, which also had Andie McDowell. I don’t know if I could watch over and over as that is what the movie is about, per your comment. Thanks for commenting. BTG

      • I’ve seen Woody Allen’s “Sleeper” dozens of times. It was one of the first movies I ever recorded with a VHS and when there was nothing else on I’d watch it again. I must know every line backwards. Of course, they make more sense forwards.

      • I liked Sleeper and Annie Hall. There was an article today about how neurotics are more creative citing Woody Allen as our national neurotic.

    • I did like Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias, which may have one of the funniest scenes near the end, when Shirley McClain’s character is offered up as a punching bag. I also liked the unexpected scene when Julia Roberts’ character goes into insulin shock. Julia looked so very fine in Pretty Woman.

      • Yes that scene with Shirly McClain made me a fan. I didn’t watch too much TV growing up and had no interest in any old black and whites. But I do when something interesting​ pops up or like your list.

      • Casablanca, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Witness for the Prosecution are in B&W and excellent. Also, check out Gaslight, which created a term called “gaslighting” someone. Just because it was in B&W does not make it good, but if it stands the test of time, it usually does so for a reason. Thanks for your thoughts. I did like Doris Day in The Man who Knew Too Much which was Hitchcock film and Beaches was good, as anything with Bette Midler will usually be so.

  2. Note to Readers: I left off two favorites. The Man who would be King with Sean Connery and Michael Caine and Excalibur with a largely unknown cast at the time, but included Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson.

  3. I love the comedies. “The Great Race” was a much overlooked movie with Jack Lemmon at his best in a dual role. I also loved “Blazing Saddles” and “The Young Frankenstein” — which has one of the funniest scenes in all of cinema history!

    • Our whole family loves Mel Brooks’ movies, with Young Frankenstein our favorite. “I ain’t got nobody….” I don’t think I saw The Great Race, at least not all of it. I will need to check it out.

      • Of course, I could watch Bull Durham over and over, as well as Major League, if only to hear Bob Uecker say “just a bit outside,” when the ball is wide off the plate.

    • We love Monty Python movies. My boys could recite most of the dialogue. Rocky Horror means you are adventurous. Do you take the props and participate? I have seen Love, Actually. Is that the one with the guy who starred in Batman and Empire of the Sun as a boy?

  4. I love your list! To Kill a Mockingbird being one of my all-time favorites (book too!). I should also say that I am a StarWars junkie too and I have watched those movies a number of times. I would also include Raiders of the Lost Ark, 12 Angry Men, The Godfather, and on a more humorous note…..Tommy Boy. 🙂

    • Thanks. I am right there with you on Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Speaking of Harrison Ford, I could watch American Graffiti umpteen times. While I have never seen Tommy Boy, I think 12 Angry Men is one of the best movies ever made. Good adds.

  5. Note to Readers: I love the suggestions of movies which trigger “slap my forehead” recognition of my omissions. Here are a few more: A Beautiful Mind and LA Confidential with Russell Crowe and excellent casts, Breaker Morant a terrific Aussie film, Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, The Untouchables with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. I am certain there are others.

  6. Note to Readers: I am watching yet one more and have three to add. The Patriot with Mel Gibson is on right now. I watch in spite of the real Mel. I like Braveheart, as well. Two more are The Green Mile with Tom Hanks and Rob Roy with Liam Neeson, which I have written about before.

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