If you want to be a leader…

My strong advice to Presidential candidates, if you want to be a leader, then act like one. With strident voter bases who are wondering why they are not getting their way, a key reason is their message of my way or the highway. Our problems are complex and multi-faceted and deserve due diligence. There are few easy answers to our problems, as someone will cry foul on something. So, the issues beg informed judgment and collaboration. That has  been our history of success as a country.

Our country support the rights of an individual to be a dumb ass. We have that liberty. Yet, when someone raises havoc that people in Washington are not doing what we elected them to do, it may not necessarily be a bad thing in every instance. There is a reason the Speaker has had to enjoin voices of moderation to get important things passed. As the more strident folks want to let the government go down to show that their opinion is more pure. It also may be off-based.

As a good example, per the attached article, some conspiracy nuts from way back, caused an uproar that the federal military was taking over the state of Texas when they were only doing military exercises. The reason this rumor became bigger is leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and the Governor gave their issue more credence than it deserved. Even former Governor Rick Perry noted this group has a history of making conspiracies out of nothing. If Cruz wants to be our leader, then he should act like one.

But, there are numerous examples, where our leaders fail to lead. We need them to be more educated than we are on issues and educate us. So, when someone continues this birth certificate issue for the President as The Donald did well after the issue was put to bed, leaders need to quell that discussion. When candidates criticize swaths of people demonizing them to garner votes, I see that activity as Machiavellian and not very presidential like. If you have to label, name call and demonize, that means your arguments are poor.

But, it has to be more than a candidate not doing this behavior. The other candidates need to defend the absent. You can say, so and so has a right to his opinion, but I find it without merit or too mean-spirited for civil discourse. A person can be directionally correct on an argument, but be unfairly indicting of the many using the examples of a few. With politicians governing by sound bites rather than informed due diligence, the use of labels is a devious ploy that does a disservice to an issue.

Tonight on the GOP debate, we will see if the candidates do better with this issue. My guess is it will be entertaining, but will be a virtual mudslinging effort. The key for me will be how can a candidate get his or her point across that shows informed judgment and leadership diplomacy. The ones who want to be a leader, will act like one.


7 thoughts on “If you want to be a leader…

  1. Note to Reader: Defending the absent is a phrase that Dr. Wayne Dyer used. Dyer recently passed away. His counsel is when someone talks about others that are not present, he would defend those not there out of respect. I once told a local politician who ran down others on a too frequent basis, that people no longer pay attention to what you say, even when you are directionally correct. You can make your point without belittling others.

    • Raye, I find of interest, that they talked much about GOP talking points, many of which the country has moved on from or do not think is an issue. Planned Parenthood is largely favored in the country, yet Fiorina fabricates what was on the video clip to make her point and Cruz wants to shut down the government over it at odds with the Senate leader. Most Republicans want the Kim Davis issue to go away and favor following the law. A pundit said “is this hill you want to die on?” The Iran deal is favored by three European presidents (Merkel, Cameron and Hollande), yet that did not come up. And, the wall. That is the dumbest idea put forth from someone who tells us how smart he is. How about fixing some bridges, roads, rail lines and ports with that money – jobs plus safety plus refurbished asset. I did like that Carson brought up the minimum wage and maybe indexing it – that sides with the majority of Americans. No word on water and environmental issues or poverty issues. Thanks, Keith

  2. Note to Readers: To me the most appropriate line of the debate was uttered by John Kasich after some childish comments. In essence, he said if I was watching at home, I would turn off the TV.

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