Miscellaneous Friday Musings

Happy Friday everyone. If your weekend has started already, make it all you want and need it to be. Here are a few miscellaneous musings for the week that was, in no particular order.

Not that I am a Carly Fiorina fan, but I do give her credit during the GOP debate for her matter-of-fact way in which she dismissed Donald Trump’s remarks about her looks in the Rolling Stone interview. He made his situation worse with a horribly insincere and wincing retort that he thought she had a beautiful face. He missed the point entirely – a woman’s looks are less relevant than her ability to lead others. Yet, he made a similar screw-up earlier when he responded to Rand Paul’s criticism of Trump’s childish comments, by again commenting off-hand about Paul’s looks.

Beyond the childish remarks and labeling, what will eventually bring Trump crashing down is his history of trying to screw people over and his inability to explain a detailed answer to any questions. The only truth that Trump knows is he exploits others for gain and when they no longer are of service, casts them aside and leaves the problems for someone else. By the way, most companies do not file for bankruptcy and they especially do not do it four times. He also uses his bravado to mask a lack of awareness of issues and resolutions. “I will be an unbelievable President on this issue.” OK, show us.

The refugee crisis is a mess and all countries need to lend a hand. Some countries are choosing to close up shop. These folks are in need, but there are so many that the burden of help and eventually welcoming to their new homes has to be spread around. There are some Middle East counties that have exhausted all resources to help, even with financial support. There are others who could pick up some slack. But, the reasons they are leaving have to be dealt with and that is hard. I am hopeful that productive discussions can emerge from the larger powers to determine some path forward as it is a conundrum, yet it cannot continue.

Pope Francis, the most respected leader on the planet today, is coming to America. He brings his important and on-point message that we must focus on our global poverty and climate change problems. He correctly notes the latter affects everyone, but especially the poor who tend to live in areas that are more susceptible to environmental concerns. I wrote a post recently about all the issues being related. These two issues are exacerbated by global corruption in leadership, even in America, and the maltreatment and undervaluing of women. We must treat women better for their own sake, but also for the sake of commerce, innovation and leadership.

I mention this last point in that it is not unusual to find women in important roles in the world. Angela Merkel, the prime minister of Germany is one of the strongest and most respected leaders on the planet. Christine LaGarde is the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Janet Yellin is the Chairperson of the US Federal Reserve. Park Geun-hye is the current president of South Korea. And, the US has had many notable female Secretaries of State such as Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton. It also took a bipartisan group of female senators to end a government shutdown led by Ted Cruz in 2013, who threatens to do it again. Note to Cruz, give it a rest.

I hope we listen more to this Pope and the voices of women in leadership positions. We have many issues in the world, yet we need to talk about them more in a reasonable way. We men tend to compete more in the game of politics, meaning I must win and you must lose. Yet, in that kind of game, we all end up losing. Watching this debate the other night was evidence of that as the real problems of America and the planet were not discussed much at all. And, that is a problem for us all.

26 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Friday Musings

  1. Hi Keith, I love your last paragraph. What a wonderful empowering way to a review. What happens around the refugees is heart-melting (from the kindness and humanity they experience) and also heartbreaking (from the horror they go through and how they are treated in other ways). Great review over all!

    • Thanks Erika. It is disappointing to see some countries close their doors to refugees. But, we have to work out agreements with many countries to help them, but also figure out a collective path forward to end the reasons for flight. It will take some odd bedfellows to address ISIS, but say the path forward needs to be sans Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator.

      • I completely agree. We have to take care of the people in need right now, but at the same time should care for the cause of the drama. My mom said something interesting today: Meanwhile they might not have people in Syria anymore and only the fighters are left. They might kill themselves and the people can go back home….

      • Thanks for your follow-on response. Unfortunately, there will be a large number of Syrians left that will get caught (and are) in the crossfire.

    • Many thanks for stopping by and your comments. Here in the states, in our political discourse, we seem to have forgotten the message of outreach. We have some big-hearted folks in America who help, but our politicians care more about keeping their job than doing their job. So, others have to pick up the slack. Please do stop by again. Keith

  2. I continue to be baffled at how Trump’s non-answers can be satisfying to his followers. I hope, after the last “debate,” his support will start slipping away. The fact that he thought his original remark about Fiorina’s appearance could be repaired by then complimenting her on her looks just highlighted how tone-deaf he is. He is right about one thing: he truly is unbelievable.

    • He indeed is unbelievable. What started out as a bad joke has made us one. I just hope his fair weather supporters will start to see the real truth about The Donald. My guess is his strident base of supporters will defend him to the end, even when his numbers start to fall. Thanks for stopping by, Keith

  3. Another great post.

    I do have a concern about the refugee crisis, and once again the US looks bad. In a situation that many believe is caused by our country, and with the hundreds of thousands of people forced out of their homelands, the Obama administration “generously offered to take in 10,000 refugees?” Once more we look like the greedy, self centered country we’ve become.

    And I think this plays to your concerns over Trump. He is completely self centered, not really deeply educated on the issues, and throws out emotional reactions instead of thoughtful answers. The perfect republican candidate, and in the end, perfectly unelectable. For those of us who dread the thought of a republican administration, we fully support Trump! he personifies and is the poster child for the republican platform; anti-women, anti-poverty, anti-public education, pro-super wealthy. In the heart of hearts of this country, he doesnt stand a chance. So GO TRUMP!

    • I agree. Yet, I would like Trump to fall by the wayside at some point, as we need a candidate with some clue just in case he or she won the general election. That is why Kasich is the best bet of the bunch, as he at least knows how to compromise some. Kasich will most likely not win, as he is not extreme enough.

      • Trump will crash and burn, no question. But he is currently playing to the worst in the Repubs, so there is mild hope that the party will get the picture, and begin to moderate. As it is they are playing to old, white men, and ignoring minorities, immigrants, students and women. Not a good path towards winning an election.

  4. Note to Readers: I referenced in a recent blog, that we need politicians to tell the truth and be better informed than we are. They need to correct erroneous assertions made by followers as John McCain did in 2008, when he took the mike from a woman to assure her that Senator Barack Obama was a fine man who loves his country.

    Scroll forward to 2015, and you have the same scenario played out by a lathered up Donald Trump crowd, where a man accuses the President of being a Muslim amid his rage toward that religion. Yet, he was not so corrected, which should not be a surprise as Trump kept up the “birther” BS well into 2012.

    • Note to Readers: It should be noted The Donald said it was not his role to correct comments made about the President. Well, it certainly not your place to make up the BS about him that is being echoed back to you by these racists followers.

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