Who is this Big Tall Guy?

For several years after I set up my blog at the end of 2011, I have used the moniker BTG to sign off on comments I make here and on other blogs. My main reason is to keep some anonymity, as my opinions may not suit everyone’s tastes. This is most important as I comment on political and religious matters.

For example, while I am a Christian, I do not appreciate the bigotry and exclusivity that is being taught in some churches in the name of God. I hold dear the larger construct that Jesus teaches us to treat others like you want to be treated. Excluding or condemning others based on passages of a book is not very Christian or humane in my view. However, I do not want to lose sight of the inspirational larger messages therein. Those messages tell us how to live and have faith. And, those are the messages we need to focus on, rather than taking phrases out of context or not understanding the time when the words were written or interpreted, which is done across all religions.

Treating others like you want to be treated, looking after people in poverty, being good stewards toward the environment are wonderful foundations on which to build. This is how I try to live, although like all of us, fail to always follow the better path. This is why I volunteer to help those in need climb a ladder out of homelessness and tell their story to raise awareness. This is why I advocate taking care of our planet, as it will only be as good to us as we are to it. And, since the industrial revolution, we have been not as good to it as we need to be.

BTG is short for Big Tall Guy, a nickname given to me by an old colleague and friend. I am a shade under 6’5″ tall and am less thin than I used to be, but making good progress of late. So, I better live right as it is hard to hide at my size. Before I retired, I was an actuary by profession and worked as a consultant in the human resource industry. I also worked in HR for one of my old clients, a job I loved, but wore me out.

So, in essence, my job has been one of helping organizations recruit, attract, retain and reward their employees. I have long been an advocate if you treat your employees well and with respect, you will actually end up making more money. The converse is also true. This theme translates into my volunteer work as we should treat well and with respect folks down on their luck, as there, but by the grace of God, go I.

I have been married for 30 years to the “girl who holds the world in a paper cup” and we have three kids, who are in college or just out, two boys and a younger girl. She is my best friend and keeps me laughing. And, the rest of the line of the song where the above lyric comes from is “love her and she’ll bring you luck.” And, she has indeed.

Yet, while I will keep some of my anonymity for the time being, I am now using my real name which is Keith when I sign off on comments. So, don’t be surprised when you see that moniker. He is that same Big Tall Guy who tries to do the right thing.

26 thoughts on “Who is this Big Tall Guy?

  1. Your wife is one Lucky Lady…. and you are lucky to have her as well 😉 And I love your attitude toward your religion. That attitude of hatred and exclusion is what makes me so anti-christianity: in one hand, love one another, in the other, hate everyone who isn’t like you – so, love only those who are like you, and believe the things that you believe, and to hell (literally) with everyone else. Your attitude is rare, and precious.

    • Thanks Amanda. I sent a few emails out to some legislators and many others with a link to your post on “The Day Humanity Washed Ashore.” I hope people link to it and give it a read. In addition to what is happening in Europe, it makes me sick to my stomach that we have presidential candidates here, who are spewing hate toward immigrants, legal or not.

    • Thanks Judy. You will laugh, but an old song came on the radio from The Little River Band and I thought of you. You have not been “raising the curtain” (blogging) for awhile. You must be busy. I still have my Aussie flag holding koala on my desk you gave me. I saw where New Zealand wants to change its flag as it is too similar. Some of the submissions are indeed interesting. Best wishes down under, Keith

      • Thanks Keith. LRB are a great band and one that I grew up with. It is almost a year since I adopted out that koala bear. I’m glad he/she has found a wonderful home. I’m working my way back to my curtain levers, just dealing with a few things first. Take care, Judy.

      • Thanks Judy. After I sent this, a yogurt company used one of their songs with the lyrics changed to sell product. I like yogurt, but that seemed out of hand. I look forward to your musings. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Responding to Emily reminded me of the time I almost knocked myself out in a parking garage in downtown Atlanta. I was returning to my car in an old multi-layer garage built with steel I-bar beams. I was walking into the sunset, so I did not see the declining steel beam across the row where I was walking. I walked dead into the lower portion which caught me across the forehead. I looked like Rocky Balboa as I stumbled backwards for a few steps. But, like Rocky, I did not go down. So, I shook it off, counted to ten, made sure I was coherent and drove home. If on YouTube, people would have said a loud “ow” then laugh and then say “I hope he is OK.”

  3. Congratulations on “coming out.” I use the moniker I do for the same reasons, but have not yet decided to come clean. However, I’ve taken a baby step by using my name on Twitter. But there, I only have 2 followers!!!

  4. Note to Readers: Sometimes I use references that are arcane. I have written about this before, but the song lyrics come from a song written and performed by Anne Murray, but also done quite well by Kenny Loggins, named “Danny’s Song.” In essence, the three stanzas walk you through a man’s discovery of what is truly important as he goes from self-professed party guy to a husband and father. The last stanza defines his finding of a soul mate that does not carry airs.

    “Love a girl who holds the world in a paper cup. Drink it up. Love her and she’ll bring you luck. And, if you find she helps your mind, you better take her home. Don’t you live alone. Try to earn what lovers own.” The last verb is critical in relationships, which is a reason so many fail. She used “earn.” For those who have been married or with someone for a long time, you get out of relationships what you put in.

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