It’s the same old song

Fans of Motown and The Four Tops will remember this song from the 1960’s. I use it today to describe the continuation of those politicians who are heavily backed by the fossil fuel industry to naysay climate change as the major concern it is and the role we play in it.

With Pope Francis here in the United States, he is following the message in his Encyclical to define the need to act now. It is a message of truth from the most respected leader on the planet. He has also showed that the world’s poor are impacted even more severely by climate change based on where they are forced to live and their fragility.

But, here in America there has been a concerted and concerned effort by so-funded politicians to diminish his message saying he is not qualified and should stick to his knitting. And, the conservative pundits and pseudo news sources are doing their best to downplay his message. A good question is why?

If you think about it, who is the outlier on this issue? Who is trying to squelch open debate by making it illegal in two states for state officials to use the words climate change or global warming? The Pope’s message is consistent with 97% of scientists and every major science organization in the United States per Dr. Michael Mann, the head of Earth Systems Science at Penn State University. The same kind of consensus resides outside this country and is held by the United Nations.

On the flip side, former Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is adamant that the 97% figure is only 56%. Politifacts, a nonpartisan fact verification group, confirmed not only the inaccuracy of Santorum’s claim, but confirmed his source as a blogger who contrived that number. There is a reason some do not want debate.

Dr. Mann says we have about a ten year window to act more demonstrably. We can ill-afford a President who does not see climate change as the problem it is. To do otherwise would be poor stewardship of our planet. But, what do I know, as I am not a scientist. Yet, the Pope is with his Masters in Chemistry.

9 thoughts on “It’s the same old song

    • Hugh, George Will has joined the fray. With Fox News saying everything other news source is liberal, then it is hard to get the message through to those who need to hear it as portrayed in “Merchants of Doubt.” The Paris conference will be one other conference that will be underreported.

    • Agreed. In our country, if you don’t like the message, indict the messenger. Cognitive dissonance won’t allow someone to admit that they might be wrong or their candidate might be wrong.

      • Erika, since you lived here you know, but we have three news problems here. We have biased news like Fox and MSNBC where both are homers for their team. We have network news who do not want to offend their clients who buy ads. And, we have very shallow and sloppy reporting. So, you have to be diligent and pay attention to sources doing the reporter’s job. Thanks, Keith

  1. I’m almost a week late getting here. You may have even addressed this. I would really like to know what the Pope said to John Boehner. He was very emotional when he announced his resignation. Maybe the pope needs to whisper in a few more ears.

    • Kimberly, we can only speculate what he said. My guess is here was a man who had reached his wits’ end. What many who wanted him out don’t realize is he sacrificed himself to prevent them from destroying their own party and harming America in the process. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A conservative advocate group survey released its results today of 1,200 Republicans. In brief, 75% of those surveyed supported the advancement of renewable energy citing health, jobs and energy independence from the Middle East. 56% of those surveyed, again this is Republican voters, said climate change is a problem and humans have a hand in causing it. This places them at odds with the position of the GOP presidential candidates and party leadership who must kowtow to the fossil fuel industry.

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