Rainy Weekend Musings

Being on the east coast of the US, we are getting the rain that is so needed out west with the droughts and forest fires. Blending with other fronts, Hurricane Joaquin is promoting the continual showers, but I am surprised this illegal alien has been allowed to touch our shores given the hateful rhetoric going on in one of our political parties here. I am sure one candidate will ask why did they give it a Spanish name, just as one candidate criticized Former Governor Jeb Bush for answering a question in Spanish that was asked in Spanish.

Seeing the President’s anger and disappointment yesterday with the latest shooting speaks to the feelings of most people in the country, even responsible gun owners. But, our politicians do not care what people think, as they only care about funders like the NRA who makes them wet their pants and skirts. Surveys have shown all Americans, even Republican voters where guns are more sacrosanct, favor better background checks on all gun transactions and extended waiting periods. Neither of these actions take guns away, but are in the right direction. Yes, other actions are needed, but doing nothing is not the answer. Otherwise, our new slogan is “Welcome to America. I hope you are packing heat.”

Vladimir Putin is the best liar on the planet. And, he does not care. He will lie and two days later speak of his real position, but reporters seem reluctant to say that is different from what you said the other day. We are after ISIL he says initially, then when Syrian rebels are bombed that are nowhere near ISIL, his Secretary of State says “a terrorist, is a terrorist, is a terrorist.” Of course, he also said he is all for supporting a government and accuses the US of supporting the rebels. Yet, Mr. Putin, aren’t you supporting the rebels in Ukraine against a government? Truth be told, the effort to be battle extremists needs the support of Russia and others as it is a collective problem. But, I would encourage him to not be too much in bed with someone who has launched chemical weapons on his own people and has killed 200,000 of his countrymen. It is bad optics.

It is invigorating to see the United Nations meet in New York. Leaders tend to behave better even when they speak their mind, which may be at odds with others’ views. That is a great construct that all  leaders are entitled to speak. Coming together can only help find some common ground on issues. Yes, there are disagreements, but seeing the side meetings that occur to address issues is wonderful. And, this year’s festivities had extra gravitas with Pope Francis speaking about global poverty and climate change, two of our biggest problems in the world.

Finally, it was nice to see the US Senate working in a bipartisan manner on important legislation. Senators Cory Booker and Mike Lee led an effort to put forward a bill to significantly address our criminal justice issues and unfairness along with the overcrowding in federal prisons. This effort brought strange bedfellows into the mix and the result is very positive. The Senate will vote on the bill and, if passed, send it to the House, where collaboration has not been as apparent. Let’s hope we see this ray of hope on how governance should be done and listen less to people who just want to pitch a hissy fit in the middle of the theme park, one who thinks this qualifies him to be president.

That is all I have for now. Have a great weekend.




20 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend Musings

    • Thanks Hugh. Just got back in from visiting my kids at college. The rain hampered, but did not dampen our visit. I envy them, as it is such an exciting time for them.

      • Honestly, Keith, I actually never have such discussions. I don’t even follow the news frequently. I get the basics but the political backgrounds are only fractions. That’s why I cannot really make myself part of such a discussion. But it is interesting that just the other day, I was talking about it with my son. He is very smart and knows a lot about this all. Putin just fights and supports the “wrong” people and the US make it the other way around. So in some way the old parts they play. But actually I don’t think about Putin that much. I am much more concerned about everything that is going on in Syria and who all are envolved in that conflict which makes a solution so difficult. Also Turkey plays an important part with the Kurds and don’t give in. Everybody is called to make a step.

      • Your last sentence says a great deal. Every country should play a role to help people in need sharing the burden while at the same time saying the enemy is terrorism, poverty and corruption. Terrorism feeds off disenfranchisement, so we need to fight all three.

      • I think the moment needs to come when everybody understands that fighting never brings peace. It supresses and maks others defend themselves which causes more fights, more pain, more horror, more conflicts, more ignorance,…
        We will have peace when all the engaged parties start to pull on the same cord towards the same goal for the benefit if all. They need to understand that peace lies in opening up rather than in locking up – others or themselves.

      • I started to say, but felt like it did not add much to what you already said, that we have some in our country that believe diplomacy is weakness. This boggles the mind. What these chest beaters fail to realize, is people will shoot back. The US has proven that it can win ground battles and has a very well funded and powerful military, but we have huge problem with defining what success looks like. So, we have worse problems once we stir things up. Two great quotes come from a Vietnam veteran and now historian. He said the US failed to learn the lessons of Vietnam, so they went out and recommitted them again in Iraq with weak leadership. Also, he noted we overreacted to 9/11 and as a result of being tired of war, underreacted to Syria.

      • You find very good words for this all. It really sums the problem and the causes up very well, Keith! Looks like we see it completely from the same point of view. So let’s hope that the “important” people finally get the idea what is peace about!

  1. Regarding your gun comments, I also replied to Hugh’s post this morning. In a nutshell, a great deal of the responsibility for the gun issue and our not taking action on it from a political standpoint rests with us, you and me and millions of other voters. We continue put these NRA beholden politicians in office, and then wail when they respond to the money and the gun lobby and not us. If we want change, then we need to make it happen.

    • Very true, yet the gerrymandering makes it harder to accomplish. The NRA can overwhelm primaries with voters who will go to the polls. The enemy is apathy and lack of initiative. The strident groups win because of low voter turnout.

    • Kimberly, thanks for your thoughts. I think they are more afraid of losing their job, so they don’t do their job. If peace would keep them in their job, they would do more actions to keep the peace. We have too many chest beaters who do that to keep or get the job, so peace is secondary. Thanks for your comments , Keith

  2. Sometimes I fear that our society is too far gone to have new gun laws make any difference. We keep producing these angry, bitter, lost souls who surround themselves with other angry, bitter, lost souls (and social media makes it possible to do this without actually making a human connection) and then we turn our backs on them and their families when (if) they seek help. I’m not against new and better-enforced gun laws, I just think we’ll still see this kind of violence. It makes me think seriously about finding another country to live in.

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