A weird but fun night

My daughter was home on fall break from college and one of my sons joined us after his work shift. One of the HBO stations was playing the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which she had seen in a theater with a friend.

Since movie time together has waned some, I asked her if she wanted to watch it. My wife had not seen it. Now, if you have seen Rocky Horror, you know it is not the ideal movie for parents to watch with their children. Yet, it is so campy and bizarre it makes it less a problem than it might be otherwise. You need to understand, we are more eclectic than most parents, but this was still a stretch even for us.

We followed that with “Beetlejuice” which is Michael Keaton at his crazy best. This is also a strange movie, but it made it fun as neither our daughter or son had seen this one. To me, the best part of the movie is the waiting room to see their advisor.

So, for one Halloween style night of movies, we sat with two of our three children (the other is still away at college) and laughed out loud for three and a half hours. That is when I wasn’t wincing at the reasons Rocky Horror had a R rating. My wife said that was the weirdest movie she had ever seen.

So, it was a weird, but fun night. And, it let us “do the time warp again.”


17 thoughts on “A weird but fun night

    • Janis, your avid support of the movie exceeds mine. Tim Curry is fabulous in the movie, and using a former Bond villain as the narrator is priceless. We are huge Meatloaf fans, so his brief appearance is interesting. Thanks for your comments, Keith

    • Erika, it was fun. My daughter was just about to go upstairs when the Beetlejuice ad came on. Memories are created at interesting times. Thanks for stopping by, Keith

  1. Ha ha! Rocky Horror is my favourite movie. My kid found my DVD copy and watched it at a too-young age, which I regret somewhat, but then at least we could be fans together. Side note: when our local theatre company put on Rocky Horror, a lot of subscribers didn’t know what they were getting into, and some walked out (the person next to me gave me a funny look for wearing fishnet stockings, LOL!)

    • Yikes on a young one seeing this. That is funny about someone screening it and not knowing what it was about. My mom and dad took us by mistake to see a movie that my mom thought was a comedy. I heard my dad whisper that question when the actress disrobed with the camera behind her. By the way, fishnet stockings are an excellent choice for RH.

  2. How lucky you are to share fun with two of your kids! Once they grow up they grow away and those nights become rarer. Keaton, by the way, was outstanding in “Night Shift” as well. A very funny movie.

  3. Note to Readers: Speaking of cult movies, one I love to watch is “Bladerunner” with Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and a great cast, plot and soundtrack. Even if you do not like sci-fy movies, it is enjoyable.

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