Let it rain

We are getting the remnants of the bad rain that drenched Texas, so Eric Clapton’s song “Let it rain” seemed apropos. Thank goodness I cleaned out the gutters on the eaves of the house, as they will get a workout today. Of course, this old body is telling me three days later where climbing a ladder hurts.

Here a few rainy day random thoughts for my blogging friends to start the week:

  • I appreciate greatly the bloggers who share their poetry. I love their wordsmithing and clever eye toward the trials and tribulations we go through.
  • I love to take in the artistic talents of so many through their cameras and fingers. These shares take me on a journey whether it be tagging along on a hike or vacation or seeing the beauty of the edges of a jungle or the angst of people fighting the encroaching seas.
  • I also appreciate the quotes and songs of the day. They make me reflect and take me to another time. Songs are the mileposts in our lives and remind us of our memories. The quotes are the directions on how best to proceed.
  • I applaud those who can see the funny side of pretty much anything. They make the news of the day more bearable and help shine the light on the hypocrisies that our elected officials cannot seem to avoid.
  • I thank those who can make our lives better with helpful suggestions based on their experiences. These are great places of learning if we just sit down and take it all in.
  • I also greatly appreciate the voices who reveal how monied interests force decisions by our politicians that make no sense. And, how they use that money to convince people they are on your side, when after you vote for them or their candidate, you are no longer needed.
  • I respect mightily those who can see the issues from a data centric independent lens. We have so few decision makers who do this anymore and each side has its own version of truth, some of which is not true at all.
  • Finally, I am in awe of those who give of themselves to help through small or large gestures. I am in awe that in this selfish world, we have so many who are willing to offer their time, skills, passion or just a comforting presence to help those with so little or who just need a friend.

I have been blogging now since December, 2011. I have met online some wonderful people all around the globe.  I have even met a couple in person and will endeavor to meet more in the future. Keep up the wonderful work and please drop by and offer a comment or two. And, I hope you don’t mind me making comments, as I appreciate the conversation and what you say. You make my days brighter even in the rainiest of times. So, let it rain.



13 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. Please allow me to echo your words! Your own post is one of the bright spots in my life — and I especially agree that keeping one’s sense of humor is the key to mental stability!! ‘Hope you dry out soon.

    • It sure did. It had been raining, then the remnants of Hurricane Patricia hit. Unfortunately, they had some floods. You are right on about the state motto and pride.

  2. Echo..echo…echo Hugh’s sentiments.
    Your insight helps to keep me focused on the important issues and what really matters. The broader view. Thank you for that.
    West coast….not that far away!

  3. I started blogging in Dec 2011 as well. Reading blogs has really improved my life. The personal nature of the writing and the unlimited length lets me experience other people’s way of life so much more than through Facebook and Twitter. I always like to read your thoughts on the world.

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