Letter from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama

This is not a real letter, but one that could be written.

Dear Mr. President,

I hope this finds you well. I know we have had our differences and I disagree with some of the positions and decisions you have made, but I want to commend you for your role in helping lower the unemployment rate to 5%. As you know, I promised during our campaign to get the unemployment rate down to 6% by the end of 2016, so you have done well on this issue. I also commend you for overseeing 68 consecutive months of job growth in our country, which has helped reduce this rate.

While I could not advocate this during the campaign, I would like to thank you for using many features of Romneycare as part of your formulation of Obamacare. I take pride that Romneycare is working well in Massachusetts helping to lower the overall mortality rate and am proud that you borrowed from my successful template. I recognize it still needs some seasoning, but Obamacare is on the right track for our country. As you know, I shared these thoughts in an interview a few weeks ago.

We still have our work cut out for us, so I hope our next President can build on these successes. By the way, our friend Newt Gingrich wanted me to pass along his thanks for getting the gas prices down so low, which was a campaign promise he made in 2012.

Best wishes for continued success,

Former Governor Mitt Romney

13 thoughts on “Letter from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama

    • Thanks Erika. Our Republican candidates are bashing our imperfect President as if he killed someone’s mother. While there are things I disagree with that he has done, for the large part he has done a pretty good job, especially with the economy without much help from opposition in Congress. I thought I would use his opponents’ campaign promises back in 2012 to show he has achieved the success they wanted. Here our candidates use their own version of the truth.

      • That is a great idea, Keith to compare with his campaign. I am always cautious when it comes to opinions about any president. But from the European side Obama is very appreciated! We all regret that he wasn’t able (due to the other forces in the Congress) to bring everything to fruition!

  1. Note to Readers: I read that a draft Mitt Romney movement is percolating again in the Republican camp. I am not sure how the Tea Party folks would react to a second try, but he would be better than many running right now in that party.

    • As soon as I gave him some credit on his Obamacare stance, he tore into the president on foreign policy, which is huge weakness of the GOP as they cannot articulate a decent strategy unless they are confirming what is already being done. By the way, this was weakness of Romney’s as well during the debates.

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