Old bodies remind you did your chores

At the age of 57, my body is no longer one that can survive doing various chores without telling me about it. Between helping my sister with my mother’s house and doing work around my house, aches and pains are par for the course.

The last few weeks have ranged from being up on ladders to cleaning out and repairing rain gutters to crawling beneath my house and deck to figure out where water has been getting in and trying to remedy the problem. Coupling these tasks with replacing and adding a few downspout corrugated drains, has meant I have used arms, shoulders, hands, legs, back, stomach, and fanny to maneuver and do the work.

On the upside, working your fanny off actually helps to work your fanny off. I have lost a few pounds along the way, mainly from climbing up and down ladders and toting a wet-dry vacuum to and from the garage to beneath my house. On the downside, it hurts to even type this. I am getting pains and spasms from all over, in places where I did not know I still had muscles. And, that departing fanny will hurt as well as it goes.

Truth be told, I enjoy doing work like this every so often. I enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass, which I can smell better now with an electric mower. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment, even though with water problems it may or may not accomplish the task at hand. Sitting down to watch a football game is more satisfying after you have toiled some around the house. You feel entitled to watch a game to relax.

Now, calling myself a handyman is a far, far stretch. In fact, my wife likes to do things, as well, and it is harder to stop her than just ask her what do you need. In fact, when I would go out of town while working, it would not be unusual for me to return home to something she changed while I was gone. Sometimes, she would change something and then change it back and I would only know when I saw a debit and credit from Lowes or Home Depot on our bank account. Honey, what is this from Lowes?

But, back to the old body pains. The key to relieving some of these pains is warming up and warming down. Sometimes I forget the warming down part, as I am happy to get ladders and stuff put away. Then there is my friend Advil. I usually take a preventive Advil beforehand and some later. Yet, at age 57, there sometimes is not enough to do the job. So, enjoy working around the house. Let me know what you do to make yourself less sore. What kinds of work do you enjoy?

20 thoughts on “Old bodies remind you did your chores

  1. My wife has to do more and more around the yard as my body has started to break down after 50-odd years of tennis and squash on hard courts. Getting old sucks. But it beats the alternative. Keep telling yourself that!!

  2. For some reason, I enjoy the few aches and pains I have after spending a day in the yard or moving stuff in the garage (as long as my lower back is feeling ok). It makes me aware of my muscles and lets me that they’ve been worked. The more we keep our bodies moving, the better we will age. And you are right; it makes relaxing feel better too!

  3. My brother made a comment to me lately that made me stop and think. He said, “You’re going ice skating? If you don’t have work to do you can come to my place.” In my case, gardening and snow shovelling are too intermittent to be regular exercise. But I prefer them to gym-type exercise. Maybe I need to create an elaborate landscape to maintain 🙂

    • Landscaping will definitely be a work out. Something about hoeing and shoveling dirt uses more muscles than you know you have. And, you can still ice skate whenever you want to.

  4. Note to Readers: I notice more now that I am more sore on the second day following major activity like the above. Maybe my body is over the trauma and is healing itself or maybe it is not taking Advil anymore. Or, maybe I have moved onto the next thing and it is reminding me to watch out buster, go slow.

  5. I am always more sore the second day after running hills and trails (that’s my exercise). I have had back issues for many years, so any kind of repetitive lifting or bending kills me. I really have to pay attention to body mechanics if I want to be able to walk around the next day!

  6. You should be proud of yourself for having aches and pains from actually doing things. I become exhausted from doing very little and that is frustrating and I am two years younger than you. These words I’ve been saying for the past year. I hate lupus.

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