In the quiet of the morning

My favorite time of day is the quiet of morning. As an early riser, thanks to taking kids to school for so many years, I enjoy the peace of reading the newspaper with a cup of hot coffee.

I read a great deal online, but I still prefer the feel of a newspaper in my hands. Even if I may have read a story online the day before, rereading lets it sink in more for digestion and understanding.

While I am closer to being a news junkie than not, it is important to consider the news and the sources. Not all news is created equal, so the veracity of the source and data cited is relevant. This a key reason I read, watch and listen to multiple sources.

For those who would prefer not to read the news, I would guide you to NPR, PBS Newshour or BBC World News. Al Jazeera is also good, but I get few chances to watch it. I am visiting my sister and she watched PBS with me last night. The stories are well reported and analyzed by people who are more expert in their field. They are also civil to one another and cover stories that are more relevant and less influenced by bias or conflict of interest.

I am blessed to have access to an excellent daily newspaper in The Charlotte Observer. They continue to do in-depth reporting on topics for which they win numerous awards. They just completed a four-part series on our regional future water crisis and have exposed the problems of overworked and understaffed medical examiners in our state which has led to change, e.g. Plus, I appreciate reading the editorials from a variety of vantage points, even if I don’t agree with everything or much of what the writer says.

So, I am thankful for this time to read and reflect. I feel I am a better citizen and person in being informed. How do you stay informed? What are your favorite times of the day?

15 thoughts on “In the quiet of the morning

  1. I get most of my news from people like you! I don’t watch the news or read the paper (we don’t have access to a good paper) because it raises my blood pressure. But I note headlines on the computer and read stories that interest me and get the gist of what’s going on around the world that way. In my view,. you are the model citizen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • hey amigos
      yes, the quiet of the earlymorning is very serene, and as thoreau stated, ‘something awakens that slumbers the rest of the day and night.’ (?)… it is the awakening hour for sure.

      as you know, i no longer have connections to the outside world except for those days that i drive to town. it’s an amazing buffer and certainly helps keep the blood pressure at normal levels!

      i also trust what keith shares, and i have friends that forward info of interest that they know would probably never reach me unless they nudged it in my direction.

      long ago i trusted the homepage, which is tailored to my interests. topo stories from ecuador, peru, central america and the world.. the world stories are usually disappointing.. they’re after what will bring them ‘hits’ and not about spotlighting the important news stories.

      i also get the weather stats for places of interest.. then scientific american, nature, astronomy, arts, and i check the earthquake maps as well as wunderground tropical when the oceans are unstable.

      the next four months here will be critical for weather. it’s time to buckle the seat belts here on the coast.. i’m a bit relieved to be spending most of my time in the cloud forest, where the history of el nino is not so tough.

      happy holidays – sigh, black fridays always sent my blood pressure to the skies!

      • Lisa, thanks for your reflections. I saw a report about Ecuador that shared your travails, echoing what you have shared before first hand. Between climate change and El Nino and now a volcano, nature is rearing its anger your way. So, please do stay safe in the cloud forest. All the best, Keith

      • si.. thanks, and i have a supply of ‘dust masks’ just in case a fourth volcano starts spewing. everyone says that the mindo area would not be affected if cotopaxi should ‘blow’ but the world is a-changin’///

  2. Hmmm…. I am one of those who take the news paper unfold it, turn it around, look at the weather, fold it back, and lay it back on the pile….. What I get about news are the ones on the radio during the early morning and later when I am cooking lunch. But that is more or less it. My favorite time of the day? Actually every time… because every time of the day is filled with things I do mostly at those times of the day. But I really like mornings.

  3. I mostly listen to PBS and NPR. I used to also get my “news” from the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Sadly, I haven’t found the new Daily Show or Colbert’s late night show as compelling. I miss the originals so much!

    Our local newspaper had been taken over by an ultra-conservative, ultra-Catholic (except, of course, for his messy divorce and remarriage to a much younger replacement wife), local developer. Fortunately, a larger paper group has now taken over and real news has returned.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • I agree with you on The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They would be having a field day with these candidates. My hometown paper is more conservative, both in articles and editorials. They did a piece where the comments on climate change were 50/50 when the issue is not that way in views of scientists. John Oliver did something funny when he had two opposing views, then stopped them and said this is not indicative of the weighting and brought 96 people on the climate change side and two more for the denial side.

  4. The peace of the morning is my special place too. We recently unplugged from cable, so I’ve been watching PBS and getting a good deal of my information online from NPR or Alternative news sources. I can’t resist Steve Colbert and Bill Mahr either!

    • I have not seen Colbert’s new show as it is on too late. I usually watched his old one when it was re-aired the next day. I like watching Bill Maher, but usually when the guests are involved and more civil, so each can be heard. Maher will not let a guest finish a sentence sometimes, which is a frustration – my wife laughs at me when I tell the TV, “to let the person talk.” It is at its best when he has a good first guest on a subject of import. But, New Rules is a great end to the show.

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