The Breakthrough Energy Coalition

One of the big news stories coming out of the Paris Climate Change Conference is the announcement of a new private funding group called The Breakthrough Energy Coalition backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and others. This group will be joining the efforts of government funding to advance our movement down the path of renewable energy and technology improvements that would reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.

Per a report on PBS Newshour, The Breakthrough Energy Coalition will invest in innovations for “electricity generation and storage, transportation, industrial use, agriculture and energy system efficiency” to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. However, this statement doesn’t list a monetary goal for the fund, yet the backers are notable.

In a separate press release, President Barack Obama said the U.S., France and 18 other countries would launch a sister multi-national fund called Mission Innovation in conjunction with The Breakthrough Energy Coalition. This program will focus on similar zero-emissions innovations created by the public sector rather than the private sector.

This is exciting news and will help further propel the world powers further down a path of renewable energy. I would add that this movement will also help in addressing our water crisis which is the number one risk issue facing the planet over the next ten years per the World Economic Forum 2015 Risk Management Report, with climate change action coming in second. It should be noted climate change impacts the water crisis in a negative way, as it accelerates the evaporation of water from reservoirs.

More on this exciting and much needed announcement can be found with the following link to the PBS Newhour article.

14 thoughts on “The Breakthrough Energy Coalition

    • Hugh, you are unfortunately right, but I am excited for this announcement, while it is hinged on matching funding to government, the private funding need not just come from America as there are 19 countries involved. When I see counter arguments to renewable energy, I continue to see old arguments such as Solyndra or decisions made many years ago. Solar energy pricing has dramatically fallen every year and is almost on par with fossil fuels from a production basis here. Per an earlier report, it is on par in Germany now. And, that is without looking at the present value cost of healthcare, environmental degradation, water loss, litigation and maintenance of coal ash sites which must continue beyond the life of the revenue impact.

      I mention this as the fossil fuel industry has many well placed articles on the poor being impacted by the rich people’s cause of climate change. The poor tend to bear the brunt of environmental problems. And, as we have spoken about before, this is no longer an either/ or jobs issue as the renewable jobs are growing like gangbusters. Thanks bro, Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I was listening to a report on NPR about the Paris Climate Conference. They echoed the announcement of this coalition as a key factor, primarily because these billionaires can be diligent and patient with their investment. They can afford to assume more risk.

      • The GOP led Congress will do their part to not support the moves as they have too much fossil fuel money in their pockets. I heard an aside the other day which echoes an earlier aside, that many GOP representatives and senators know climate change is real and man-influenced, but cannot admit it publicly.

    • I agree. Bill and Melinda Gates have been very diligent stewards of where they invest their donations, so much that Warren Buffett gave them $30+ Billion of his money to donate. Thanks, Lisa. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks, Keith

      • I do wonder why these billionaires don’t use some of their money to take on Big Oil directly. They could finance a rather impressive anti-oil movement in this country that would wake folks up to the danger of continuing to rely on fossil fuels.

      • This may be their way of doing this. As you and I have discussed, solar and wind need not be big projects. Once battery power improves, then some families and businesses can pull the plug on the utility. Right now, in Oregon, the utility is pressuring a few unplugged homeowners that they must be on the grid.

      • Agreed. It will be interesting to see where the New York Attorney General suing ExxonMobil (for misrepresentation to shareholders about the impact of climate change on its business) goes.

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