Man, I hate that Obama…a conversational parody

“Man, I hate that Obama,” the man uttered. “He has been a disaster,” another one said. “He is the worst president we have ever had,” said a third. A fourth man had been very quiet, then commented.

“Yea, I hate him, too. The unemployment rate has been halved to 5% while he has been President. While he has been in office, the stock market has doubled. The economy has done pretty well, too, especially since we have had 70 consecutive months of job growth.”

The first guy said “Wait a minute, that cannot be true as that is good news.”

“You are right, it is good news. And, when you add the fact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau he created has fined banks billions for fraudulent and aggressive marketing practices, with over 90% going back to consumers who were cheated, that is good news.”

The second guy said “That cannot be true.”

“Yes, it is. And, when you add that Obamacare is actually working pretty well saving lives and getting more folks covered, he should be commended. It does need improvement, which most Americans want, yet it is not the predicted disaster it was made out to be.”

The third guy said, “But, that is not the impression I get from Bill, Sean or Rush.They say we should not sign up.”

The fourth guy said “Maybe we are getting our information from the wrong sources. They were wrong about Romney winning, the gay marriage decision and Obamacare being overturned by the Supreme Court.”

The first guy said, “If all of this is true, why do you hate him?”

The fourth guy answered, “Because he is a better president than we give him credit for and that means our candidates and news sources are being less than truthful to the American people. I know he is not perfect and that is fair game to criticize, but if they are downplaying those other things, maybe we should be asking more questions.”

“We also have some serious issues to discuss like poverty and declining middle class, but I don’t think that is all Obama’s fault as it has been happening for a long while. And, the fact the rest of the world is talking about climate change and our party is not concerns me. Obama’s success makes me lose faith in my own party – that is why I hate him”.


Note, the above conversation is contrived. Yet, the facts presented therein are not. These are the thoughts of an independent voter who votes for Republicans and Democrats. We have an imperfect president who deserves more credit than he is getting, but does have room for improvement.

18 thoughts on “Man, I hate that Obama…a conversational parody

    • Janis, thanks. Yes, he is imperfect and could have made a few better decisions, but on the whole he has done a pretty good job. History will likely judge him much better than he is given credit for by his opponents, but a little less than by his proponents. Thanks, Keith

  1. No, I don’t hate Obama, don’t care for him one way or the other personally, because I don’t know him personally.

    But I do think that had he more political experience, or a stronger spine, we would be so much better off than we are.

    He caved in to the bankers, giving them trillions while doing just about nothing for main street and average americans.

    health care is soaring through the roof because he failed to stick to his guns on requiring 80% of health care revenues to go to health care.

    He bailed on demanding a single payer system.

    He has been the most secretive, non transparent president in years, and has jailed more whistle blowers than anyone in history.

    We are still waiting for his promised, “open and honest discussions” on drone attacks that have killed thousands of civilians, and NSA spying. BTW has anyone asked why the NSA/CIA spying which we so desperately need according to Obama and others, did not catch the San Bernadino attackers?

    Why is he supporting the TPP which will do a great deal of damage to our economy? Why so late in killing the Keystone Pipeline?

    Personally, I see Obama as being more closely aligned with Republican goals than democratic ones.

    So, do I “Hate” Obama? of course not. I’m just severely disappointed in him and how quickly he turned to the right.

    • You put it well: If he had a “stronger spine.” He has always been the “Great Conciliator,” more concerned about pleasing everyone (which is impossible) than doing the right thing. But how many politicians have any concept of what the right thing is?? And those who seem to have a sense of it (i.e., Bernie Sanders) would almost certainly be ineffective trying to play hardball with a Republican Congress deep in the corporate pocket!

      • Thanks Hugh. I won’t repeat my comments to Barney. Remember the post I wrote on the two of the three best job creating presidents – Bill Clinton at the top and Ronald Reagan in third behind FDR and Clinton. They both were collaborators and worked with Congress. Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill were even very good friends. Clinton worked with two GOP and two Democrat speakers and achieved a balanced budget and superb job growth. But, neither of those Presidents were perfect and in fact almost were impeached – Clinton over the affair and Reagan over the Iran-Contra mess. Per Warren Buffett, Obama is the best editor of information he has witnessed. Yet, he is too cerebral at times and needs to work more to get things done. When your opponent is being less than cerebral (climate change is a great example), then it takes an effort to get things done. To be frank, until we get beyond the money in politics, the job of president is going to be a tough road to hoe.

      • I agree with you, but in too many cases, such as the wall street bailouts, he rolled over to his own, big money advisors, never mind the repubs. I’m thinking of Rubin, Summers, and Geithner.

        As Keith noted, we’ve had a long recovery, but just imagine how much quicker and stronger it could have been with more govt support.

      • You are so right on the impact of the recovery. The just signed Highway Funding Bill is several years overdue and is a job creating piece of legislation to boot. It took a bipartisan push by Ed Rendell and Ray LaHood along with the US Chamber and union leaders to get it done. They started pushing about eighteen months ago, since Congress failed to act sooner. Now, interest rates are going to increase which increases the borrowing costs – the reason to start a few years ago.

      • Why is it that any average worker could see the wisdom of this action, and yet our fearless leaders and their puppet masters could not?

      • They don’t want to raise revenue to pay for it. They are so pleased they took from petroleum reserves and a bank dividend to pay for it. Revamping the gas tax apparently was not an option, even though revenue had declined with more fuel efficient cars.

    • Barney, as we have discussed, you have noted several points which give me pause as well. There is one correction – the ACA does refund money and has done so every year to members when the insurance company has made more money than the 80% threshold in the individual market and 85% in the employer market. In other words, when their loss ration is better than 80%, money does return to the members.

      I agree on the lack of transparency, drones, spying, etc. and he is more of a moderate. He also is very pro fracking and offshore drilling, which I feel harm us more than help us. Remember my friend who calls him the best Republican president we have ever had?

      On your point about experience, I do wish he would be more productive with an antagonistic group in Congress. I wish he would not resort to the name calling he gets, but when the opposing party sees it job to stop him, than govern the country, it has worn on him. This piece was not written for people like you who are very thoughtful in their concerns and don’t just hate him because he is “fill in the blank.”

      Thanks, Keith

      • I still think he could have used his considerable rhetorical and speaking skills to talk directly with the American people — a la Reagan. After Sandy Hook it might have provided enough mail to Congress to help offset their worry about the NRA.

      • I know you wrote for a different audience, but it became a means for me to vent about the stupid levels of politicians and voters pandering to their lowest common denominator. I’ve been part of a twitter storm over Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago situation.

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